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King of Fighters CMV – Raiden : Out of Control Edition

Love to see quick health draining combos? Do you love shoulder charges? Do you love drop kicks? If said “yes” to any of those questions, then today you are in for a treat as I have finally finished my Raiden combo vid! It has been just over a year since my last combo vid ( Billy Kane ), so this has been long over due.

I started this vid just after Billy but lots of things got in the way and I pretty much forgot about the project. I recently picked it back up after a bit of pressure from a few people to complete it, so thanks for the motivation.

This vid does feature alot of drop kicks, so be warned. In saying that, I’m hoping what I have done is entertaining for your viewing pleasure.


Be sure to link my facebook page for updates!



KoF World Facebook Contest


KoF World on Facebook is an official fanpage run by SNKP, and recently they have announced a contest for submissions showcasing your love for KoF XIII. By entering you could win a KoF XIII Steam Edition code, and get some extra exposure for your work along the way. If you think you have something worth winning or just want to share with everyone, checkout their page here and submit by putting a link to your work on their page.

The only thing I am unsure of is when the context ends. So be quick!


King of Fighters XIII CMV – Mai Shiranui : Bouncy Edition

It’s bouncy!!!


Sorry, I couldn’t help myself with the title and I debated over whether I should have called it that or not but in the end I did. Mai Shirnaui is probably one of the hardest character I’ve done so far as so much specific spacing and timing is required for a few of her combos. Not as monotonic as Takuma, but still was fun to make.

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Interview : BubblanAB7

Shadowloo Showdown was such a good weekend, witnessing great players and heart pounding matches in KoF XIII. I was fortunate enough to meet BubblanAB7 and hit him up with some questions.


DC: Hi BubblanAB7, great to finally meet you! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

BubblanAB7: Hi I’m bubblanAB7, I live in Sweden and I’ve been playing fighting games for a little over 5 years. I started out with Street Fighter: Third Strike and CvS2 but have since moved on to KoF XIII and Marvel.

DC: Is KoF XIII you first KoF game? If not, which KoF was?

BubblanAB7: KoF XIII is the first KoF i started playing seriously but i really like 98. I’m not that big a fan of 2k2 even though i kinda feel XIII is based off that.

DC: What made you want to pick up and play KoF XIII?

BubblanAB7: I really love SNK games for their design in general and I’ve always had an interest in KoF so when XIII came along it was a good chance for me to start getting into the series.

DC: Describe your local KoF scene. How many players you have? You have local meetup or tournaments?

BubblanAB7: We have a local hangout here in Stockholm were players meet up about twice a week (Wednesdays and Fridays if there are any Swedes reading this). For KoF, we have about 8 players in total playing. We usually only run smaller tournaments for the new games since that’s a good chance for newcomers to get introduced, people don’t tend to hang around for ranbats etc.

DC: What was the impact of KoF XIII: Steam Edition for you personally? Has your local scene changed for better or worse?

BubblanAB7: For me personally, it’s so much easier to record combo videos since I can do it by myself. KoF has been kinda dead outside of Stockholm because the netcode was so bad before and they had no local scene but I’ve been able to find new people who’re interested in playing and at least within Europe KoF XIII: Steam Edition feels almost like playing offline.

DC: You mentioned that your training partners are as good as you or maybe better. Who are they and do they travel?

BubblanAB7: First I have Yagami who’s currently the 2nd best in Sweden. He’s also a very strong SFIV player and he’d be a real threat in KoF XIII if he’d put more work into it. Then I also have Xzi who’s an old GG player but he doesn’t travel at all. For those who follow smashdrama and know who leffen is (the first guy to get banned from smash) he’s pretty much my pupil and I’m confident he’s gonna be a top player by next year.

DC: What made you want to play in tournaments? Have you won any?

BubblanAB7: Traveling is the absolutely best part about fighting games so I try to get to as many tournaments as possible. In KoF XIII, my best performance internationally is getting 3rd at the latest Red Fight District but I guess I’m more well known for my combo videos. In marvel I’ve won some tournaments internationally but I’m still looking to improve at KoF XIII and hopefully start winning eventually.

DC: Describe your typical training plan to ready yourself for tournaments?

BubblanAB7: Before a tournament i usually start practicing setups and look up how to beat certain moves while normally i tend to just practice combos.

DC: Do you watch vids or read any info from forums at all about characters or gameplay?

BubblanAB7: I tend to watch combo videos and tutorial videos a lot more than other stuff.

DC: In your opinion, who are the best 5 characters in the game and why?

BubblanAB7: First of all, I think Benimaru is near broken with the infinite. For point i think that Duo Lon is the best but he has issues once people get in on him. Then in no specific order I’d put EX Iori, Karate and Kim.

DC: Who are your worst 5 characters and why?

BubblanAB7: I think that Maxima, Mai, Leona and Mature are the weakest characters in the game and it’s all because their toolsets are so limited. It’s hard for those characters to adjust to certain matchups. While I feel that characters like K’ and Kula are also weak they at least have the tools necessary to win, just that they have to put down more work than the better characters.

DC: You mentioned that Benimaru is broken because of his infinite, do you believe having a high difficulty of doing the infinite is a fair trade off?

BubblanAB7: Nope =)

DC: In your 2 combo vids, you showcase his infinite as well as some hard combos with Ash. How long it take you to learn how make these vids?

BubblanAB7: The first video took me a really long time to make since i was just learning Benimarus infinite during that time so not counting the practice i spent at home i probably spent about 20 hours recording at my friends house, over 10 of which was that Ash combo. The second video didn’t take nearly as long and I probably spent 10 hours recording it by myself at home with Steam Edition. For the second video i didn’t have to spend that much time practicing I just went straight to recording it.

DC: In your opinion, who is the best player right now in KoF XIII?

BubblanAB7: When I played casuals with Tokido during Shadowloo Showdown he earned my respect as being the absolute best in the game after just demolishing me, hopefully he’ll start showing it in tournaments as well.

DC: Is this your first time to Australia? You enjoying it?

BubblanAB7: I’m loving it here, haven’t had time to check out the city but I’m having a great time just hanging out with the Aussies and other guys from all around the world.

DC: Would you comeback?

BubblanAB7: I’d love to make it back, have to win the next qualifier as well.

DC: Any shoutouts you would like to make?

BubblanAB7: Huge shoutout to Veggey and Phenom and all the KoF players in Sweden.

DC: Thanks for your time and hope you have lots of success in the future.

BubblanAB7: Thanks!

Be sure to check out BubblanAB7 Youtube page for his quality combo vids and more future releases. Also check out his Money Match with Xian pre-SS2k13 below.

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Shadowloo Showdown 2013 – Results

What an incredible weekend for the Australian FGC and KoF, as we saw Xian taking full honors this year. Results are as follows.

1. DM.MCZ|Xian (EX Iori/EX Kyo/Mr. Karate)
2. MCZ|Tokido (EX Iori/Mr. Karate/Kim)
3. WDM.MCZ|Luffy (Mai/King/Vice)
4. DM.MCZ|Jackson (Chin/Mr. Karate/Kim)
5. MCZ|Mago (Mr. Karate/EX Iori/Kim)
5. DM.MCZ|Gamble Boxer (EX Kyo/EX Iori/Kim)
7. Falco (Kensou/Clark/Andy)
7. ON|Colonov (Duo Lon/Benimaru/Kim, King/Duo Lon/Benimaru)

For anyone that didn’t see the stream or not wanting to rummage through the stream archive, vids on youtube can be seen below courtesy of KOFUNIONa11111357

Top 8 To Top 4

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Top 4

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If you are keen to go through casuals from Shadowlogic HQ, can also be seen below

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Shadowloo Showdown 2013 : 12th-13th October 2013

Shadowloo Showdown is fast approaching us and is taking place in Melbourne, Australia during the 12th and 13th of October weekend. Checkout their quality trailer below.

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More details about the event can be found here.

They also made a “World Warriors” trailer showcasing the international players attending the event. Another great turnout for KoF this year!

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King of Fighters XIII CMV – Takuma Sakazaki : Master Edition


It has been awhile since my last release as “real life” happened, but I recently completed Takuma Sakazaki : Master Edition for your enjoyment. I made at least 50 combos for him but only settled for about half of them. Was fun making the video and felt really satisfying getting “dem links”.



Xuandou featuring KOF XIII

We’ve been watching this with a quizzical eye, raising eyebrows at the similarities between this game and Kof.

Then Yuki Yagami posted the hints dropped of  special guest appearances in the game, earlier today in the forums.

Can you guess who these guests might be?



Sooooo did you guess?   Spoilers coming up!





and then I found a video…. and I still don’t know what this game is called lol


Still no in game footage of the sprites they will be ripping using, and interestingly they keep giving credit to SNK, not SNKP.

We’ll pay a little more attention to this now, I guess.

Especially if we can download it for free lol


Sources / official site




OHN 11 : 23rd – 24th Of February 2013

Australia’s longest major comp is happening in a weeks time, and King of Fighters XIII is once again apart of the official line up! It will also be the biggest comp in regards to the entrants, with 38 players from all states coming to compete to be the best.

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Be on the lookout for arguably the best in Australia at the moment, ON’s own ON|Colonov. Also coming down are A1 Major and Ero Oyaji who came 2nd and 3rd respectively at last year’s BAM, only to be beaten by ON|Colonov. Revenge is definitely on the books for those two players.

Stream links will be added more closer to the date, and there will be a money matches happening on the Friday 22nd of Feb, with ON|Colonov challenging Sydney’s top player Chen to a FT10. I’ll try my best to capture this!

Interview : Colin “Colonov” Tan

(left) Gourami1 and Colonov

AKA Tanned Titties for the old school members on this board.

Anyways, I was able to attend Brisbane’s 1st major tournament called “Buttonsmash”, where Colonov won KoF XIII. Lots have changed since I last saw him at Shadowloo Showdown and I was surprised of how much he has leveled up. After the tournament, I was able to have a quick chat and get some questions answered.

DC: Congrats on winning Brisbanes first major, Buttonsmash. How does it feel to finally win a KoF tournament?

Colonov: Thanks! Yeah, I won’t lie, it’s not a bad feeling at all. It also reflects on all the work I’ve put in coming up to the event which actually paid off! There were a few interstate players that came to Buttonsmash for KOF, so I’m grateful to them for making the trip up here, which certainly made the tournament more entertaining for those watching.

DC: Coming back from SS earlier in the year and witnessing firsthand quality players like Tokido, Dakou and Xiaohai play, did you learn anything from that experience?

Colonov: Oh, definitely, not just about how they played the game, but regarding how they thought about and approached the game as well. It was a very refreshing experience seeing well-renowned international players going head to head. Because KoF is such a versatile game, there is no “right way” to play, and I definitely noticed this at SS. From JWong’s more conservative style to Tokido and Poongko’s aggressive, in-your-face type of play. It was also great to get a first-hand glimpse of the Chinese players Xiaohai, Dakou and Ashe, as this was one of the first western tournaments they had attended, and see their take on the game which, while not unsurprisingly, was impressive to say the least.

(From Left) Xiaohai, Colonov, Ashe and Dakou

DC: I see you grew your local scene and there are more Brisbane players playing KoF now then a few months back. How did you accomplish this?

Colonov: Well, we started small. It was literally myself and one other player (Qmar) in the scene at one time, but then this other player moved away from my city, it was then all up to me (lol)!
Up here in Brisbane we have a predominantly UMvC3 player base, and a few of them actually showed interest in playing KoF XIII. So when I went to casual meets, I brought the game with me and invited anyone who wanted to learn to try the game. Gradually, our player base went from one, to five, and I’d say we have at least ten players in my local scene today, possibly more. In the wise words of a Pantene commercial once aired, “It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.” (Youtube/Google it for all those who want to know what I’m talking about =P)

DC: I also see that you have dabbled into pretty much the whole roster. What made you do want to play all the other characters?

Colonov: Essentially, for me to teach others how to play the game, I had to learn more about the game myself. Playing multiple characters meant that not only would I learn about that character and more about the matchup, but it also meant I could convey the information to the newer players in the scene and how the character worked in the game’s system. It’s a win-win situation where not only does your scene get better, but you personally get better as well.

DC: Describe a typical training session?

Colonov: We normally hold one once every two to three weeks on the weekend. People tend to arrive and play for up to twelve hours (with breaks in the middle, of course!). Once again, as many of the KoF players in my scene being predominantly Marvel players, we have multiple setups (up to 5) with a mix of both games. We sometimes hold casual first-to-whatever sets and on the rare occasion, even stream these matches too.

DC: Gunsmith would love your Clark play!! How come you make him look so good?!

Colonov: Hah! Well, Clark is the character you’d love to hate in this game. He’s mostly about getting good reads on your opponent, and a vortex which usually starts from a single SAB. The thing is, he has options within options which on hit usually end up in a knockdown or put the opponent in a position to be mixed-up. And of course his jump CD. How can we forget about jump CD?

DC: You didn’t do 10x Gatling Punches, I was disappoint…..

Colonov: I know! You can actually do 11 or 12 in a HD combo, but still, I didn’t get a chance to land it. With Clark on point, most of my HD bar went to drive cancelling a gatling attack into itself, which meant I could only get about 5 or so.

DC: Back on the tournament, was there any standout players that troubled you towards your victory?

Colonov: I’d say that hardest set I played in the tournament would be against my training partner, Gourami1/Kasou. Since we play each other multiple times a week, we’re used to a lot of our nuances and he actually had me sweating for a bit. Otherwise, there were a few interstate players that placed quite high such as Burnout and PyroZeroX. I didn’t personally get to play Burnout in tournament, and as he was the person that I was yet to play that stood out to me most in the tournament, we had a casual post-tournament set.

DC: What are your future plans for KoF and tournaments?

Colonov: I will be going to BAM in Melbourne in about a week’s time, so looking forward to being part of the hype that Melbourne always delivers. As for KOF, well, after Buttonsmash I met a few people in my scene that I never knew existed, all eager to improve their game, so I will definitely be playing them in the near future. As for the international scene, it can only get bigger. With the hypest top 8 at EVO, there is no doubt in my mind that the community will grow and keep growing. On a personal note, I do hope I will be able to travel in the future for a few international events, so here’s hoping you’ll see me there.

DC: Any shoutouts?

Colonov: Shoutouts to the Lansmash team including JB, MasterCyl and Slapper Joe for organising Buttonsmash. For those in Australia wanting to know more about the local scene, you can check out www.ozhadou.net for the lowdown.

Thanks for your time.

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Elizabeth Combos, one touch kills and the many faces of Labrys combo video.

Today’s Persona help comes in the form of videos taken off of Nico Nico Douga. The Elizabeth combo video shows off some incredibly flashy moves that are practical in actual battles due to Elizabeth’s constant meter gain due to SP up. Both Labrys and Shadow Labrys players will want to take a look at the “Many faces of Labrys” combo video which shows combos that are practical and some that just downright insane.





Justin Wongs thoughts on Persona 4’s Longevity.

Justin Wong recently gave his thoughts on what he thinks it will take to make sure that Persona 4 Arena stays fresh int he FGC for months to come. In a post over on Evil Geniuses Website, Justin gives his impressions of the game and why he plays Mitsuru.  Here’s an excerpt from the full article. The rest of the article can be found by clicking the EGW link.

“When asked about the current state of the game in terms of both competitive high-level play as well as its place in the libraries of casual fighting fans, Justin had a lot to say. Justin finds the game “awesome to watch” when played at a high level while still remaining a lot of fun to play for casual fans. He also noted that P4A’s gameplay resembles classic Arc System Works fighter Guilty Gear XX Accent Core far more than any title in Arc’s more recent BlazBlue series.”

Famitsu review gives Persona 4: Arena 36/40!

Persona 4: Arena has apparently done awesome in Japan review wise. Or at least in Famitsu magazines eyes after they gave it a 36/40 score. To put it in perspective, that means that each of the reviewers gave it at least a nine. Arcsys games are knwon for doing well on the magazine who also reviewed CAPCOM titles such as SFxT, and UMVC3 which got scores of 35/40 and 33/40 respectively. Persona 4: Arena releases August 7th.

Interview : Chris “DjHuoshen” Miller

A UMvC3 and KoF XIII player hailing from USA, I was able to get an interview from DjHuoshen and his experience at this years Shadowloo Showdown 2012. An all round nice guy and a passionate player, be sure to keep an eye out for him.

DC: Hi Chris. Thanks for taking the timeout for this interview and I hope you are enjoying your time here in Melbourne, Australia?

DjHuoshen: Thanks for interviewing me. I had a blast in Australia, which was pretty much expected based off the first time I met Ali and the Shadowloo crew. When I came down earlier to Australia, it was really fun, so I knew a second trip for SS2k12 would be even better, and it hasn’t disappointed me in the least.

DC: What he been some of your highlights outside the SS tournament? Any things you found interesting about Australia that you would tell you friends back home?

DjHuoshen: Some of my out of tournament highlights was my luck at the casino, in part thanks to the Honzo Gonzo hat, which gave me EX Whiteboi powers (as deemed by Team USA).

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to do much else since I had to return to America for work and cut the trip short, but I wish I could have hit up the zoo.

DC: Ok, so tell us abit about your gaming history and other games you play.

DjHuoshen: I’ve been a gamer pretty much all my life, but a casual gamer until very recently. I was big into RPGs for the longest time (FF6 is my favorite) but I did get my first FG competition at an anime convention with Guilty Gear X. I saw this game that looked real pretty, picked up a character and went with it. Until Street Fighter IV, I remained pretty casual, only competing at anime con tournaments in games like GG and the Naruto series on the GC but never at a real FGC event.

DC: You breifly mentioned that KoF XIII is your first serious KoF game. What got you into it?

DjHuoshen: KoFXIII is the first KoF I’ve ever played in depth and the first I’m getting into competitively. Thanks to a lot of interest from my friends and some push from the local scene to check the game out, I gave the game a shot during the location preview at Otakon 2011 and had a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the pacing of the game and the fact that there are options for everything with all characters, so no matter who I picked, I’d be okay.

DC: Did you follow any of the other KoF games previous to this one? If so which ones?

DjHuoshen: I’ve never really played KoFXIII in depth beyond the random Neo Geo arcade machines at the local arcades that I used to go to. Other than that, my only experience with the KoF cast was in CvS2 before KoFXIII.

DC: What is your training regime like from when you first picked it up. Has it changed?

DjHuoshen: Before I even started playing KoFXIII, I was recommended by a vet to check out the DandyJ video. The video itself was very insightful on the basics of footsies in KoF. When I first started played, I simply went through trials to kinda figure how the character acts and feels at a basic level. While some of the trials are not 100% the ideal, they gave some good insight on what could be done with characters. From there I really got to know each character’s buttons that I was going to play. Since knowing how to anti-hop and poke were essential (as highlighted in the DandyJ video), I made sure that I wasn’t trying to play King of Combos and more King of Footsies.

At this point my training mostly consists of weekly practice events I hold at my place to keep the KoF scene going locally and to give myself better practice. I have really good players around me (HAV, Steve H, Jaguar, Zerp) so I definitely have a good area to learn from.

DC: I saw that you took a game off Poongko in casuals which was great. What are your thoughts on playing him?

DjHuoshen: I played Poongko in a quick set and I did take 2 of the 3 games we played off of him. When he picked his characters I just stuck with my guns on what I’ve learned from the match ups until now. Comparing him to my scene at home, I didn’t feel intimidated playing him at all, since I could handle the poking and I was familiar with the match ups minus Kim. The games themselves were pretty close but it was definitely a positive experience in the sense that I could hold my own in a casual set against a skilled player like him.

DC: Talk us through your games into top 16. Any standout players or things that made you go “woah!”??

DjHuoshen: The set vs Ash to get me into Top 16 was pretty intense. Again though, I focused on my gameplay and how I was going to stop him. I enforced a lot of Bs with Kula and then I stuck out that s.C with Terry to enforce my game. When I got that corner HD combo in Shen it felt really good to play a solid game and come out with a victory in a pretty convincing manner.

DC: After your exit from the comp at the hands of Justin Wong, anything you learnt that you need to work on?

DjHuoshen: When I went down to Justin after losing to Tokido, I was pretty frustrated. I felt like I wasn’t able to play my game at all vs Justin and my execution for that day wasn’t there at all. After both the Justin and Tokido match, I realized I need to do better with anti-airs by using uppercuts. VS Tokido, I’d trade with a c.C with Kula against his jCD and I’d be forced into the corner where he’d bully me into mistakes. After talking with Justin, he also suggested I’d work more on some of my KoF poking, since whiff punishing is hard to do in this game with certain buttons.

DC: How good were the finals! I know you were doing a great job commentating on stream for the finals, but did you think xiaohai and dakou lived to their kof names?

DjHuoshen: Honestly after watching Xiaohai and Dakou play against Tokido, and watching Dakou struggle against Tokido, I think KoFXIII has yet to be mastered by anyone. From what I can tell, the closest thing to a master player, in the sense, would be Bala. For me this means that EVO is still pretty open on who can make top 8, much less who can win, and I’m gonna work even harder so I can walk away from EVO with the victory when I go up against tough players like Mr. KoF, the Answer and Reynald in the tournament.

DC: What KoF major you will be attending next?

DjHuoshen: I will be attending the Drive Cancel event on the east coast on the 12th of May, then I will be attending a local event before going to UFGT this year. I hope to see better and better results with each tournament as it will be my indicator that I’m continuing to improve.

DC: This concludes our interview. Any last words or shoutouts?

DjHuoshen: Shoutouts to the MD crew, shout outs to Jaguar for pushing KoFXIII so hard. Shout outs to Steve H and Rugal B, who have been my OG guides in KoF and fighting games in general. Shout outs to Xanadu, without that place I wouldn’t be half as good as I am right now. Shout outs to ANIME. And shout outs to Ali and everyone who was involved in Shadowloo Showdown, that event was awesome and expect me back for SS2k13.

Special thanks to Chris “DjHuoshen” Miller, Colonov, Orochinagi.com and the Shadowloo Showdown Crew and community.

His matches against poongko can be found here