Coliseo VS2 Guadalajara, Mexico

This weekend Coliseo VS2 was held in Guadalajara, Mexico. Several games were featured among them was KOF XIII with several players featured such as Bala, Koopa, El Rosa, and Khannibalito…. The top 8 results for KOF XIII was: 1. CG|Bala 2. TC|Pako 3. Piranha 4. DS|Layec 5. Mr. Aguila 5….

#Atlus TRB Replays #KOF13

From Kane317: “Atlus USA¬†showed up last week to help promote P4U and KOFXIII one last time before Evo 2013 and gathered together some of the top players in the world and put on a 5v5 tournament and gave out prizes. On the Team Chaos side we had: TC | RealKim,…