#KOFXIII TAG tournament in Chile

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Tom Sawyer went out on a limb to say “Chile overall level > French overall level” Which says a lot. See if you agree! Here is the playlist of the recent TAG tournament including Pulenta, ToPapa and BRAZZERS.     Direct links

New Persona #PUUSH matches #P4A

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I really have no idea what to use as a tag for this game. Anyhoo, the game has launched and here are a few DAY 1 matches courtesy of Jourdal, let’s see if top tier is still top tier… at least you will get to see the new characters…  …

DOA5 Tutotrial 12 – TAG MODE!!

THE DEAD OR ALIVE 5 TUTORIAL – 12 – TAG MODE (Feat. Emperor Cow) Part 12 of the 12 part tutorial series for DOA5. Featuring commentary by myself “Emperor Cow”. This video is meant to explain the ins and outs of Tag Mode and highlight the main differences that set…