No Stream for #DoubleKoSummerEvent

Unfortunately the bandwidth at the venue was too crappy so there won’t be any streaming. But the videos will be uploaded very soon to youtube.

UK Fighting Games – One Year Celebration Meet Up.

The UK Fighting Games Facebook Group  is celebrating it’s one year anniversary with a meet up at Gamerbase on Saturday 16th of February. We will have at the moment four set ups, playing a variety of Fighting Games on both Xbox, and PS3 (2 on each) and I will also…

#DUC2k13 Streaming Today!

Check us out on stream DUC 2K13 Gods Garden Europe today and tomorrow. Feat Ryan Hart, Tokido, Gagapa and more. Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 The King of Fighters XIII Guilty Gear XX Accent Core +


Now that SVB is over, you need to start planning your next adventure, whether it’s for revenge, experience or just stream glory!!! UK – Hypespotting² FR – World Cup Games USA – Evo Here’s the run down for Hypespotting² – the first of which was absolutely awesome! Following the awesome success…