Shun Ei by mojyavoltage6

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シュンエイって、ペルソナ系主人公に居そう。似た系統でもロックは割と格ゲー向きのキャラって感じする。 — まつこはすぱこみ東7ず16b (@mojyavoltage6) October 20, 2017

Cool Combos & Tech round up

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We got combos, including a stun, and some funky tech. Check it out! Shun’Ei quick combo guide Shun'ei Quick Combo Guide – The King of Fighters XIV (KOFXIV): via @YouTube — KPB | Foxiflowerz (@coliflowerz) February 4, 2017 Leona #KOFXIV Crs/U tech, only some #BurnToFight @orochinagicom @KCOpedro @ManChest @Juicebox_FGC…