Hanzo Guide – Samurai Shodown 2019

V1 Video Guide legend L = Light Slash = Neogeo A button M = Medium Slash = Neogeo B button H = Hard Slash = Neogeo C button K = Kick = Neogeo D button — —〈 General 〉— — If you’re coming from KOF, Hanzo is like Clark, but…

HNY MOW2 Shermie Teasers

It was a fun New Year’s, with two heart attacks, but all is explained. Also please check out our upcoming events!

Samurai Shodown 2 for ios/droid!

With all new features and some extra stuff to come later ^^ this miniaturised version has been tailored specially for handheld devices, with an improved touchpad controller and can be used with the new MOAH controller add on! Check out the video below!