Falcon Arena featuring CafeId Results

As part of the EU Road trip, CafeId landed in Dubai and took part in the AE and XIII tournaments. Well done Busterwolf! Supreme Champion: CafeId | Mad KOF Worthy Adversary: busterwolf Maybe Next Time: CafeId | PoongKo   brackets link REPLAY Watch live video from falcon_arena on TwitchTV  …

Republic of Fighters KOF finals replay

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Dooms vs will2pac  

OHN11 Finals Replays: XIII VF5 Tekken UMVC

And it’s one of your ON representatives for Australia! Congrats ON|Colonov! Check out the final 4 streaming at 0:33, with commentary from ON|Dark Chaotix! Funnily enough you may remember Derrace from the forums!!! Good to see him back in the scene! DC explained that Eddie was in Singapore training with…