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Dundee Attack Updates & TST interview replays

Dundee Attack Janitor reports on the P4U Season up in Dundee   Tournament Standard Time Presented by General Skirmish, featuring ON|BigFool, ON|Gunsmith and Bubblan, talking about KOF in England, Scotland, France and Sweden, upcoming tournaments, transitioning to Persona, reminiscing about the arcades (AGAIN), netcode killing the scene and more, inherent lag, CVS3 and more. I

orochinagi nwo

TON36 – Nake, Sakebe! Soshite, SHINE

http://www.elive.pro/en/watch/o16H7TN8oyUQ. Sunday 4pm french time which is 3pm uk time. I think. Features the death of Gunsmith, many times, by Dune and Haregoro. Then I will run a Uk online tournament, and then a team battle. Then a EU one. You need to contact me on msn thegunsmith@hotmail.com or facebook. There will be lag. There

Matches from Evo feat. Salim, No17, Mr KOF, Laban, Kane317, The Answer

As you know, Salim was our Road to Evo winner and went to Las Vegas to compete at the grand tournament.  However he crashed out at 13th.  What happened?  The following report is translated by Delphine from Maxmode.net so if you can read French, nip over there.  After the (in some parts quite scathing) report

Kane and Giby answer your questions about the console version

The ON Show 15 featured lots of discussion about EVO and the controversies that happened.  For one, Salim had to use a dodgy stick but didn’t complain, while another did, and because of a honourable reset, then went on to win the whole tournament.  Also, Kayo Police, Poongko, The Mongolian, Slam Dunk, photos of SNKP’s


RTE Video

You can now watch this video here. We are scheduled for an actual ON show tomorrow morning… ! Come join us around 9am BST – students and teachers are now (or nearly) on holiday!

The ON Show #5 PPV

Friono tells all (or not) about the SNKP backlash (or not), Stunfest XI KOF XIII Finals commentary, Quiz of Fighters (KOF Trivia Battle) + Apple Juice Remember you can leave your questions for Frionel here or just join us on the next one where we will talk about XIII tactics/mechanics/etc. Obviously it’ll be a bit


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