La Mythik is closing!!!

That wonderful arcade in Paris, France is closing down.

The owner, Hukuto Youssef, explained that the doors will shut for good by the end of November.

However, they will be moving to a new location, hinting it will be easier to find – which should mean closer to the centre of Paris….  let’s hope so!  To finish off this era, on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 November they’ll have their last tournaments on 4 games:

  • BlazBlue CS
  • Guilt Gear Accent Core
  • Hokuto No Ken

Will be interesting to see the development of the players since last we met.

Clan News: KOF XIII Tournament @ La Mythik

Every Match:

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Or if you wanted to skip straight to the finals:


Hokuto Yousseff had the advantage having had some good practice but Jeremie knows his KOF well, easily pulling out 2k2 style cancels.

The finals were best of 5.  In the end, Yousseff’s Leona took the match with fantastic guard breaking and crossup combos.  Congratulations/Felicitation/Omedetou!

Gunsmith and RORY were knocked out at the 1st round, having to face favourites Salim (Hey I didn’t totally throw it) and Tahar.  Michels made it through to the 2nd round, only to face Jeremie and a Maxima that had been so far kept out of sight!  Tactics!!!

Analysis: Gunsmith and RORY need to learn XIII combos.  MichelS needs practice against Maxima.  MichelS also needs to think about distance, safety and using stand A to counter Iori jump D spam.  He should take valium, if it will stop him panicking in the corner.  Being in the corner is not a bad thing.  You just need to block until you’re ready to DP.  The opponent will jump, poke, and then have to jump at you again or wait.  As long as you have a good reaction speed, you’ll be okay.  The thing with valium is that it makes you drowsy, so… maybe that’s not such a good idea XD