#KCE CUP 6 Results + Postcards from Mr Wolf in Tokyo

ON|Mr Wolf is currently in Tokyo and took part in KCE Cup #6 along with Semper Pops and Sean! Brackets Picnic, MOA, Rinomoto, M’, Dune, Oogosho were all there.  Myu’s Clark was awesome as usual!  Haregoro’s Joe was the business!  Did you see the Maxima?  The armour around his crouching…

Terry Tutorial and KOF ROMA

Juicebox’s Terry Bogard Tutorial KOF Roma is a new youtube channel for the Italians, check it these matches featuring Sean and Mr Wolf vs Yox/Fox and Salim and Tahar! SEAN’S ATHENA IS RATHER SICK Subscribe to the Italians now!

[ON] Mr Wolf visits SNKP Event at VIGAMUS Museum

At the Vigamus they organized an event about SNKP. They had talks about KOF’s history and story. On the second day there was a conference about the story of SNK. The played some videos of interviews with two designers from SNK. There was also an inteview with Kei Yamamoto, Producer. Unfortunately,…

Pool Matches from #parisfullcontact

Check out some of the matches recorded from day 1 solo tournament! These were not onstream and feature ON.Mr Wolf, Fox, Salim, Coungster, Tahar and Will2Pac!

#parisfullcontact Day 2 results and photos

So yeah! AWESOME! NEXT ONE IN OCTOBER RESULTS KOF Solo Fox Force d’Egypte WDM.MCZ.Cuongster WDM.MCZ.Will2pac MF.Frionel MM.Tahar Team  WDM (Cuongster/Will2Pac) Fox/Gwak.Yox Italy (Sean/ ON.Mr Wolf) MaxMode2 (MM.Tahar/MM.Salim) Amal4 (MF.Frionel/MF.Tom Sawyer) / Maxmode1 (MM.Jerome/ MM.Youssef) SFIV WDM MCZ Luffy WDM MCZ Prplx RAID Valmaster brackets  THANKS ON.Mr Wolf will be back in…