Maxmode’s Paris Top 8 #kofxiii

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Including Money Matches between MCZ.Louffy and CDV.2Pac, Tahar and Samba and Dooms! (Yes if you didn’t know, 2Pac has now left MCZ!) Good preparation for #ivgc #BEGINDOWNLOAD More at their channel

Send Will2pac to Evo – Win a stick!

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Will2Pac has been known for many things. For winning KOF2002 and KOF13 tournaments, for defeating various big names such as Koukou and Chris G, amongst others. He now has a famous winpose lol. Let’s cut to the chase, he nearly has enough money to go to EVO, which will also…

#parisfullcontact Day 2 results and photos

So yeah! AWESOME! NEXT ONE IN OCTOBER RESULTS KOF Solo Fox Force d’Egypte WDM.MCZ.Cuongster WDM.MCZ.Will2pac MF.Frionel MM.Tahar Team  WDM (Cuongster/Will2Pac) Fox/Gwak.Yox Italy (Sean/ ON.Mr Wolf) MaxMode2 (MM.Tahar/MM.Salim) Amal4 (MF.Frionel/MF.Tom Sawyer) / Maxmode1 (MM.Jerome/ MM.Youssef) SFIV WDM MCZ Luffy WDM MCZ Prplx RAID Valmaster brackets  THANKS ON.Mr Wolf will be back in…

Stunfest 2013 Top 16 Replays

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Top 4 coming later! WDM.MCZ.Will2Pac vs Kyabetsu in Winners and MF|Frionel vs Koukou in Losers!!! Until then- top 16! Thx Maxmode!

#RFD2013 Results

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1. DM.MCZ.Xian 2. WDM.MCZ.Will2Pac 3. BubblandAB7 So Will2Pac defeated Xian only for the Singaporean to come back and take it! Replays coming soon! In the meantime, Myu is still streaming casuals!