Spring 2018 additions

CYS here's a closer look pic.twitter.com/y3UD5xos2q — ON.Gunsmith (@orochinagicom) April 7, 2018 Design available on shirts too! The 2nd version ‘buildings incognito’ is already out!For all you psychotic idol soldiers!  Head to the shop NOW! Did you miss February? It was BRUTAL! plug time, 20% off https://t.co/3NRqUukTXM today, code SPLASH…

Leona by Ranma1530

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腹筋描きたい欲を解消するためにレオナ描きました pic.twitter.com/VWPBmqOLqf — らんま (@ranma1530) November 1, 2017

Leona by Hungry clicker

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pic.twitter.com/gpTCCUu3nF — はんくり(hungry_clicker) (@click_burgundy) October 23, 2017

Leona Heidern

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Leona Heidern, Commander of the Ikari Division.Following in her father's footsteps.#fanart #kof #kingoffighters #leona #heidern pic.twitter.com/WmMOiqyiW1 — sMackenzi (@kohyunu) October 11, 2017


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レオナ KOF14ver pic.twitter.com/o7Mu1V9jIZ — 椰十々眼 (@yatotome) September 28, 2017