Whip and Kula anchobibi_fg

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ウィップ&クーラ。10月12日はムチ子の誕生日だったそうで!ちょっと遅れたけどムチ子誕生日おめでとう!#KOF #格ゲーキャラ描こうぜ pic.twitter.com/4Xl2OCYvCS — あんちょ (@anchobibi_fg) October 12, 2017

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日付変わっちゃいましたが14発売一周年おめでとうございますー!KOF大好きです!! pic.twitter.com/mDUBfnai2X — 紅アズ丸 (@beniazumaru) August 25, 2017


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そういえばクーラの缶バッジ作ろうと思って絵を完成するとこまでいって、結局作らずじまいだった絵があった pic.twitter.com/fCenlt1TNF — しーあーる@コミ1【う07a】 (@crsnest) August 31, 2017

The Round up! #kula #combos #kofxiv

Bug Fixes First off, KOFXIV v1.04 patch is now out, with a few more bugs ironed out. ・The issue appearing in story mode after beating Antonov with specific teams has  been fixed. ・Text issues during the tutorial have been fixed. ・Other minor bugs have been fixed. ・The acquisition of room information…

Pichon Cup 4… Road to Dream Cancel Cup Live from Mexico now!!! #KOFXIII

Going live right now is the Pichon Cup 4. Which will have action of KOF XIII, KOF 2002, KOF02UM, and KOF 98 UM from the lineup of SNK games. It will feature interesting players like Kula, Layec, and TC|Pako. You can follow the stream (which is live right now) over…