The ET Interview #EVO2017 #KOFXIV #ET

ET, with the awesome help of Charles Lui, has given us this chance for an interview, which will one day be added to a special collection for the public to see, but more on that later ^^  In this interview, ET talks about his recent win at EVO2017, what happened…

No news, but work continues

We are still working on KOFXIV guides!  The beginner guide is particularly amazing.  The streams and event tournaments are doing well, plus with the upcoming KOFXIV on Steam in May 2017, it can only get bigger.  We still want you to get involved! CALL FOR WRITERS The team of contributors and…

KOF WCS, old games refusing to die, Yuzutaku, Cannes, Juicebox

Updates for KOF WCS, a great guitar cover, Tournament Replays, old games refusing to die, plus a little tabloid pop off concerning Juicebox… Reminder: Today is NEVER ENDING OPERA in London Updated Roster for World Championships! Finally someone took the time to put Alioune’s photo up (thx Harris), now the roster…

Athena #KOFXIV DLC & Awards

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Update: you can read about the dlc plus SNK’s plans for the future in Oda’s blog entry on PSBlog Fans have reported it’s available in the

SNK vs Poverty

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(Article has been updated with some new info about PS4 production and prices of PCs).   Poverty is a word which conjures up many images, but it’s different for everyone. For me, “poverty gaming” is first, which I understand as just another name for retro gaming or playing cheap games….