10th Trailer for KOFXIV / Kula in Frozen 2

Trailer, Hypespotting V this weekend, Kula movie news, and twitter art roundup! RYO SAKAZAKI revealed in 10th Trailer! What do you think of his new CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY haircut? ¬†Actually, we here at Orochinagi think it’s pretty bad, and we hear no further work will be done to improve it….

XIII Combo Tutorials

Jesus, Joe, srsly, wtf. This video also shows that you can pretty much tack on Kyo’s EX orochinagi to anything, as it hits within one frame of animation. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUsb63khsU0[/youtube] Thx DC Some notes on the vids by Toxic Avanger : – Maxima has a bug where his standing A will…