Guilty Gear ac+r, DOA, Daemon Bride, Fatal Fury Special videos

check out this round up of some INSANE combos for FFS! Daemon Bride DOA New Casual Costume pack GGACR Matches from acho

FFM Rumble Stream #BBCP #GG #UMVC

BBCP is on now, featuring the best of Germany and some visitors from the UK! Should be Guilty Gear or Marvel afterwards!   direct link here

Dokusaru Tournament in January! #p4a #gg+r #bbcp

Hi guys, As we announced earlier this week due to (not entirely) unforeseen circumstance our “Arcsys” event will become an “Arcsys/Marvel” combo-tourney & will be postponed to mid-January. It will take place on January 18th & 19th at Smartoys Liège, in Liege, Belgium. Why these changes you ask? 1/ We’ll…

#arcfest Paris Results, Photos and Videos

It was interesting, from a TO’s point of view, as turnouts were certainly not correlating to community activity… BB had the biggest turnout, and they were the earliest tournament while GG’s FGC had the biggest activity on Facebook and the smallest turnout… At any rate some great matches here, check…


Here we have a major tournament featuring Arc System’s main games, Persona, Guilty Gear and Blazblue! Enjoy the carnage from the semi finals to the end! P4U 9:40 – Minori vs. Hagiwara 14:15 – Sakuma vs. Yu-Sama P4U 0:00 – Sakuma vs. Yu-Sama 4:00 – Souji vs. Tetsu! 9:50 –…