The Weekend Recaps! #KOF #USF #GGXRD #BBCP #P4U2 #UNIEL

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So here we have the replays from Italy with Luffy and Problem X, Hypespotting’s anime finals and Lonestar’s KOF action, plus a bonus look at IGT2015 behind the scenes with a FT5 between Freezer and Sange Tencho! + KILICLIMB ACTION! Lonestar Admonition 2 KOF13 and KOF2002UM and MOTW! Featuring IGT…

#KOF Streaming Now!

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I really hope this hasn’t double posted, I’m sorry again for that, I have no idea what happened.  If it happened again, I’ll be round to clean up!  So here we are with two flavours tonight! GGXRD and KOF! KOF ROMA stream feat GGXRD & KOF Watch live video from…

Second Round of GGXRD League

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Here is second round of Russian GGXRD league right now stream page ON AIR league page on english with scheudle and participants list


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Salut, on faire un donation drive pour VS Dojo pour un PS4 avec GGXrd.  Aidez nous, si vous pouvoir!   C’est finit le 31 Janvier- mais CVC est le 28 Fevrier donc… –annule– Merci!

HUGE GGXRD Scans / WIN THIS STICK / Steam Bundle

GGXRD HUGE Famitsu & Dengeki scans, showing the game system, modes and other bits and bobs in errr HD!   WIN THIS STICK! Duelling the KOF Update In English et en Français Click here NOWWWWW! a donator will win this special edition EVO stick, courtesy of Shoryutech! Video…