CEO Gaming 2014 KOF XIII Top 8 is Bout to Begin!

My first match is against Prodigal Son.

Streaming Pool 1 @ CEO Gaming.

Luis Cha, etc. Streaming soon!   Watch live video from Ceogaming on

CEO Gaming KOF XIII stream is about to go live!

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First match NY|ChrisG Vs. TKC[ON]Vicio. Watch live video from FunkyP on   Update! KOF was to be an all day Friday event. However i was informed by the organizer that the tounament’s top 8 will stream tomorrow at 2p.m.!

Orochi Tees

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Get a 2D Fighter (+jiggling) for Free!

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Posted by Iori E at our forums: “ Heard of it? [youtube][/youtube] And before anyone asks, you need to set your computer’s regional settings to Japanese. Otherwise, the window will not open properly. And no, AppLocale will not work. Oh, and don’t just go showing this around to everybody. This…