Double KO Grand Finals #KOF #GGXRD #youtube #DKOSE

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Courtesy of VSFTV, here are the finals and further footage for the last French major of the summer season, including Mario Kart, Windjammers, KOF, GG, SF and Soul Calibur KOF XIII You’ll see a hell of a combo from ON.Misterio to end his match with the infinite specialist, Akatsuki.Farid. ¬†Check…

DKOSE Stream this weekend! #kof #marvel #kirby

SF, Marvel, KOF, BB etc with Superplays/Speed runs of classics like Kirby and more! Force D’Gyp, Frionel and Salim will all be there for some killer matches which (if we break the 45 player minimum) will send the winner to EVO!