The Fight 2016 with Misterio and Will2Pac

Columbia’s Major Event, THE FIGHT, has started!   Will2Pac, Misterio, Rockland Kyo and more (shoutouts to Daniel Hiruma too)!  The stream has started, we will see Smash, MKX, Capcom Pro Tour and KOF2002, KOF13 and GGXRD! We’ve heard some money matches have been set up!  This event lasts 2 days so there’s…

SLR and Versus-Pro Gaming Tournament!

Ladies and Gents! This tournament about to go down! USF IV, UMVC and KOF  Tonight! Stay tuned for a special KOF event! Casuals going on right now! Ft. Misterio, Real Kim, Daniel Hiruma, Ziwa, and ON Vicio! Bracket <-Clicky