The Kings of Co Presents: Winter Showdown II / MexiKOF Now Streaming Money Matches from Xalapa!

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A multi-game tournament! With plenty of out of state participants! Main Game Lineup The King of Fighters XIII Ultra Street Fighter IV Guilty Gear Xrd BlazBlue CP Side tournaments Persona 4 Marvel vs Capcom 3 Uniel $10 Venue $10/game Pot bonuses, special guests, and prizes to be determined! Stream-> ¬†…

Persona 4 Arena 2 Matches / Blazblue CP Combos #BBCP #P4U2

Persona 4 AUUUUSHSHSHSH P4U2 11/30/2013 Kagoshima AML Tournament Singles Tournament Liz Combos BBCP Relius Combos Terumi Naoto Labrys Sho