Tournaments: Scotland, Korea, Italy, USA, England & Germany!

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Well, Cannes is over.  Had a good time, will post up some videos soon but first here’s some news on what’s happening next! HYPESPOTTING NEW LOCATION ATTENTION – VENUE CHANGE Thistle is OUT – Hilton is IN $15,000 POT BONUS FOR ULTRA and I will be commenting KOF. Ahem. MD.Luffy…

Man attacked with knife over #KOF97 (update 2)

“Arcade play KOF 97 triggered a real battle blood everywhere” QQ posted these horrific photos Dialogue Source: – Thanks ET!!! Update 2 from Lazy Freddy For the record, it was the guy who did the raw super that did all the stabbing. The victim ate a raw super and went over…

Cannes Discount ends today/ Sako attending

#cwc2015 early bird discount ends today! Hori.Sako is confirmed to be attending! Also, dead games and new!

#Hypespotting #SF4AE French Qualifier Finals

THE MATCHES   Spoilers:         Valmaster is now confirmed going to Hypespotting.  Tickets are booked! But …. He will not be part of Team RAID. It will be … a new team. A new team who will be sending him to IVGC!  

Infiltration, Marn, Rinomoto & More @ #Globalid

Here are more fighters all confirmed for #globalid March 29-30.  Will you be joining them? 1.Cafeid Kensouzzang(Korea) (C) 2.infiltration(Korea) (C) 3.Taki Jinpachi(Japan) (C) 4.SL Burnout(Australia) (C) 5.Sange_tencho(Japan) 6.Koukou(Japan) 7.Okome(Japan) 8.Keykakko(Japan) 9.Hitoshi(Japan) 10.MOA(Japan) 11.2K(Japan) 12.Taitsu(japan) 13.oogosyo(japan) 14.Hiroto_Yowai(japan) 15.rinomoto(Japan) 16.Banbaban(japan) 17.Inocchi(japan) 18.Arubi(Taiwan) 19.ET(Taiwan) 20.sethuthut(Taiwan) 21.Rockpon(Taiwan) 22.Ren(Taiwan) 23.Tim(Taiwan)(C) 24.Cafeid Madkof(Korea) (C) 25.Cafeid verna(Korea)…