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KOF98FE 5 min guides For those of you new to KOF98, here are some guides I’ve been building to help you out! Blue Mary Heidern Chang I was gonna stream some stuff but the newest patch has control issues for stick users, because of the tweak to help keyboard users…….

$20,000+ to win! #IGT2014 #SF4AE #KOFXIII #UMVC3

Japanese French Korean 이하    NOTICE Please use this Hyatt Reservation Form REVISED 20MAR (doc) (pdf) to get the special CAFEID discount. Please fill it out and email it to   update! CONFIRMED PLAYERS: KOUKOU, ET, REN, OOGOSHO, MARN, INFILTRATION, GAMERBEE, XIAOHAI, DAKOU, SANGE TENCHOU AND MORE (SEE BELOW) The biggest pot in…

New #P4UUSH and #PERSONA5 Trailer

Atlus has released the new trailer to explain the story of the P4U sequel and it looks like the shadow versions have a lot to do with it… You’ll also see more of the new character, Minazuki Sho, and then we have a little teaser glimpse of perhaps a certain…