Majijam 2k2um Combo Video Volume 8

Majijam is back with a new combo video in this CV series of KoF 2k2um. His latest is on the unlockable bosses spanning from 99-2k2. Some interesting combos and concepts brought to life, as the Geese ones in the beginning were my favorite! [youtube][/youtube] Enjoy!

Majijam’s KOF 2002 UM Combo Movie Part 7

youtube usermajijam さんのチャンネル uploaded his latest combo video featuring some amazing combos for the Bosses of KOF02UM

New Combo Video Featuring ST.TL|Khanibalito

Straight from Tijuana, Mexico we have this awesome combo video featuring ST.TL|Khanibalito. Better know for his recent 4th place performance during SCR in KOFXIII and taking Team Socal in a reverse OCV in a special exhibition match Socal vs TJ during the same event. [youtube][/youtube]

KOF XIII Combo video by Sammy96

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My good friend, kof rival and favorite tournaments team mate  Sammy96 made a new multiple characters combo video featuring some of his discoveries [youtube][/youtube] and here are some of his previous combos [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube]

Last Blade 2 Combo

Famous combo maker Adakino [ ] has released a combo video of over 30 mins that he has been on for over a year. Many of the combos use tool assistance, but as you’ll watch on it’s easy to realize that many of these aren’t really feasible by simply…