XIII One handed and Matches from China

Thx Toxic Avanger Woo shows us that not only Xiaohai can pull off some one handed action…   Matches from China thx a11111357   All matches in tournament can be found in following links Top32 ~ Top8 -> http://www.youku.com/playlist_show/id_19273165.html Top8 and casual matches -> http://www.youku.com/playlist_show/id_18979259.html

Shanghai Tournament featuring ET

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more here http://www.signedbyr.com/fr/kofxiii-china-invitationnal-tournament-2013/

ET in China this weekend

There will be a national tournament in Suzhou,China on March 16th 2013. guest player:ET Hong Kong: john769 //paklun1214//chrischris Shanghai: //CZQ// 奶王//YO哥//ANDILY Suzhou:苏州龟王 //XQW//黄明//苏州黄毛//光头 Hongzou:yxxloveqq Dongguan :K DASH //断水流KK+1//T哥 Taicang:大饼君//工程师//太仓KULA Wuxi:KALA //阿星 Beijing:spelliu Xi’an:手残流小爱 Dalian:YAMA Thanks a11111357 KOF Union http://bbs.kofunion.net/read.php?tid=177194

Chinese KOF XIII Tournament Videos

Orochinagi forum member Fiol uploaded videos of a XIII Tournament in China.  In China, youtube access is slow.  In the UK, todou is slow.  These videos were posted on the forums, but are now available on youtube – check this one out in particular for some solid Mai action! More…