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Thursday Night Tournaments!

Tournament Night Thursdays!?

All you need to do is register and get in the lobby!

1. Register

Go to comments section below to find the latest sign up links on challonge.  Older tournaments and signup links are deleted weekly.  The start time is listed on the link.

Sign up using your challonge account, or leave a comment or contact the organiser via Twitter to reserve a spot or you could also just find the online lobby and ask when you arrive (unless it’s private).

Contact via Twitter:  Gunsmith  or  ELF
PSN : Lord_Grimulus or Gunsmith-ON
PSN Messenger works great!
Steam : on_gunsmith or Lord_Grimulus

You can also contact the East London Fighters, or keep up with what’s happening, via FaceBook!

2. Get in the Lobby

Set your room search setting for REGION to ALL.

The room is usually called UK KOF, EU KOF or Orochinagi or Tournament.

If the tournament has over 6 entrants, private lobbies will be setup, so make sure you contact us with your gamertag info.

3. Streams

There are two streams with different matches covering the tournament.
Please do not watch and play at the same time, to ensure there is no lag.

Stream 1

Watch live video from EastLondonFighters on

Stream 2

Watch live video from Gunsmith_ON on


4. Brackets



For offline events visit that page

Sign up Links and replays in comments section below

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