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Rubies are the currency used for buying items when you have no gold or AP or for those SUMMONS.

  • Story mode
  • Bonus stages
  • Daily Quests
  • Event quests
  • Tower of Trials
  • Spend real money

Story Mode

It’s really your main source. Once your character is strong enough, you can just set it to auto and watch them rack up the jewelry.

You can only win rubies the first time you complete a story stage.

Keep an eye on the conditions otherwise you’ll have to do it again to get the last few.

Once you complete each stage in the chapter, you’ll get a bonus of 10 rubies.  These are sent to your inbox.

On Expert mode you can win 15 rubies meeting the conditions plus 16 rubies as a bonus for all clear!

You are awarded bonuses at the bottom of the screen for completing the quests at 33% 50% and 100%

Daily Quests

Completing these will give you big bonuses! 50 rubies!

Event Quests

Many of the events reward you with rubies, just check their rewards button.

Tower of Trials

If you can clear the Tower, floor 60, you will get a reward of 500 rubies

Spend real money

No time, no rubies, and see souls in the shop? Well, be impatient and grab them with real currency.  Technically you won’t need to spend any money at all to get high levels in the game, just play it!  But… spending rubies on summons will count towards your event character guarantee pickup.

Let’s the say the average cost of 500 rubies is £10.  Keep this in mind when seeing the pop ups.

The beginner pack is great value, but of course you can only get it once.

The best packs in the game are for the players, the Rank packs.

The rank bonus pack 2 will give you rubies when you level up and costs £9.99 – for 2750 rubies in total, it’s the best value pack.

You can buy them retrospectively and grab more.

The next best packs give you rubies over time.

Generally, if you are aiming for one character from the summons, if you complete all story modes and do not buy anything, you shouldn’t need to buy any rubies.  After that, you’ll need to do the other quests but keep an eye on rewards.



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