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The Epic Quest is another game within the game.  It has its own system of statistics that you need to build with several characters you can collect, following the seven deadly sins.  Envy Mary, Greed Rugal, Wrath Chizuru, ?? Mecha Goenitz, ??? Saisyu, ??? Yashiro and ??? Orochi (which sins??)

As you are surely used to it by now, you need to keep doing lower level quests and get points until you are strong enough to clear the boss.  The boss will appear several times in several forms.

if you grind, you’ll get strong enough to collect a minimum of four AllStar characters, a load of cash, approximately 140 capsules… perhaps more!

Vallacondios reported completing EQ while on 56 buff lvl and 10 for strat with chiz being 18.

Chapter 1

Pre-requisite: level 60 Blue Character with all cores

1. beat Crazy Mary Boss at end of chapter 1

Your character should be blue element level 60 with all available cores to beat Blue Mary but it’s not necessary. Kyo or Terry 96 at level 80 should be fine. If you got the manual skills and the time, anything can work.  Standing top right can avoid most of the attacks.

If you cannot do this, keep grinding earlier levels to build your stats and chapter stats.

2. Farm Crazy Mary till your epic levels ( atk / def etc) are 3.  Or go to whatever chapter you can survive on auto with.

If you can beat the boss fast enough, you can acquire Envy Mary – Silver grade.  

Chapter 2

Rugal isn’t too bad but his panthers can one-shot-kill you.


Chapter 3


  • Green characters x3
  • Andy 98 (no need to level, just needed for leader skill)
  • Mature 96, max cores, 80+, capsules will help but not necessary
  • Jin Classic 80+
  • Chapter Buff level 4
  • Stats buff level 12

Beating Chizuru will take some grinding. And Shingo is ridiculous.  It took a full core Jin (classic 80) to beat him -only because of the super armour.

When a team of Orochi Iori (88), Goenitz (87) and Kyo (87) is having difficulty getting past Chapter 6, you know this is tough.

Kyo 90, terry 70 and king was 66, with Kula card set maxed out. Chara level 5, epic buff level 9 was  finally able to do it.


Chizuru’s weakness is bleed.  Andy 98 will give you a 40% bleed bonus!  If you also have Mature 96, this makes the quest much easier.  Players who got her from the festival just need to put Andy as leader and then switch to Mature.  You do not need to level up Andy at all, you just put him as Leader.

Chapter 3.7

Shingo comes back and honestly he’s harder than Kyo in the next chapter.  He will batter you if you don’t roll. Use Jin classic and your best greens.

Chapter 3.8 Revenge II

Kyo comes in, and he’s tough.  Jin classic can stun him with electricity and sail through.

Chapter 3.9 Master of disturbance

Iori Yagami 98.  Hope you got Jin..

Chapter 3.11 Endless Remorse

Chizuru gets annoyed… Now it’s time for that bleed damage.

3.12 Repressed Demon of Fury

video has Attack Buffs of 20!  Keep grinding!

Chapter 4

Oh boy. This is tough.  Don’t have a solution yet.

Heard from the reddit that Kim 98 is good…

Kazuya is good too


Low Cost Quests

Vallacondios recommends the following:

kim 96 for 5-1

kim 98 for 5-2 and 5-4

andy 95 for 5-3

They used recovery strikers eg joe 96 and benimaru 96 for 5-1 and 5-3


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