Epic Quest

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if you grind, you’ll get Strong enough to correct four AS characters, a load of cash, approximately 140 capsules…

Chapter 1

Pre-requisite: level 60 Blue Character with all cores

1. beat Crazy Mary Boss at end of chapter 1

Your character should be blue element level 60 with all available cores to beat Blue Mary but it’s not necessary. Kyo or Terry 96 at level 80 should be fine. If you got the manual skills and the time, anything can work.  Standing top right can avoid most of the attacks.

2. Farm Crazy Mary till your epic levels ( atk / def etc) are 3.  Or go to whatever chapter you can survive on auto with.

Chapter 2

Rugal isn’t too bad but his panthers can one-shot-kill you.


Chapter 3

Beating Chizuru will take some grinding

When a team of Orochi Iori 88, Goenitz 87 and Kyo 87 is having difficulty getting past Chapter 6, you know this is tough.

Kyo 90, terry 70 and king was 66, with Kula card set maxed out. Chara level 5 epic buff level 9 was able to do it.

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