This new chain is a threat to the established big 3 (Liberty, Jungle, Surugaya) of Akiba and is growing fast. You may also find it written as "Rashinban" on Google. They also have stores in Yokohama, Ikebukuro and more.


Getting to the stores

Akihabara If you can spot the Culture Zone building from off the main strip, Lashinbang occupies the second floor.

Nakano Broadway This is more tricky as the store is somewhere upstairs within a maze of shops, but it's recommended to look around anyway.

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outside rashinban nakano bay

Nakano Broadway

outside rashinban nakano bay

Store Overview

  • Mech and TF
  • Waifus everywhere
  • Junk and New Quality
  • Mainstream
  • Back streets
  • Second hand stock

Biggest Bargains off the strip

Cheap BUT... way too accessible to the public!

Cabinets and open air tables

Hordes of tourists

What's next?

That brings us to the end of this little Rashinban store tour. We hope you enjoyed it! There are other pages on this site with more photos and guides to Japan for figures, gamer landmarks and restaurants!

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