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Map – Shop 15 – Mandrake

This is an incredible shop for Transformers enthusiasts.

Yellow Shining Ultra Magnus
Yellow Shining Ultra Magnus

G1 Predaking 26,250 yen

Masterpiece Ultra Magnus 9,450 yen

Green colour G1 Slag

Yellow G1 Ultra Magnus (Apparently, there are only 800 of these made!!!)

They even have Transformers from Spain!?� Interesting to note they even have the Fan Made Ultra Magnus Trailer Armour.� I found the Alternity Megatron here for 2,940yen – lowest price in Akiba I saw (maybe it was box damaged?).� I can’t go on about how shocked and surprised you will be at seeing some of these classic TFs.� You won’t see a better collection in Akiba and it will be expensive.� On the other hand, some of it is cheap!� A loose Binaltech Shockwave for 3,150…. hmmm

You can read more about the yellow Shining Ultra Magnus here

Hobby Figure – Facing Kotobukiya, you should notice there are alleyways going into the tower block on the left.� There are two alleyways.� The first one has trading cards and anime figures but you might spot a TF, so hunt if you have time.� The Hobby Figure shop is the 2nd alley on the left from Kotobukiya.� This has a decent collection of TF and it was either new stock or just really expensive compared to Mandrake- Convoy/Optimus Prime Masterpiece and Megatron Masterpiece were both selling here for 20,000 yen each.� Remember, as this is near the station, prices are supposed to be high as you haven’t made the effort to travel!

Liberty 8 – lots of the latest and as new 2nd hand TFs here with a quite good classic G1 collection.

Golden Age – next to Liberty, worth a check even though it’s a small collection crammed into a tiny shop- a mix of old and new TFs.

Overall thoughts – for prices, Liberty 8 can’t be beat, but Mandrake will have all the rarest stuff.

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