[UM] Andy

Was it all just Shingo's dream?

[UM] Andy

Postby PenPen » Wed Apr 02, 2008 17:20

qcb+C is now a weird ball thingy. It's much, much larger than the qcb+C in KOF 99+, and it comes out slower too.

His C throw (the one where he jumps with the opponent and kicks him/her away) still builds some stock in Advance mode.
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Postby TamaYak » Thu Apr 03, 2008 03:54

Can you try putting the qcb+c in a combo after his hcfc throw?
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Postby AcidicEnema » Fri Apr 18, 2008 17:40

- Recovery for the kick follow up on the air qcf+K has been reduced greatly. It now seems safe from everything except grabs.

- I'm really digging his qcb+C. It covers a huge space in front of him, making the whole 2.5 character's space in front of him a no-hop zone. Once it hits, it almost forces the opponent to stick to it till the rest of the hits hit. More importantly, its pretty safe, since he recovers pretty fast after. Its too slow to combo after a heavy attack. Seems pretty safe even if the opponent guard rolls forward too.

I'll definately want to play more with this move since it seems like a tool made for a nasty corner traps.

- You can Q.Max on the last hit of the Dam Breaker. So finally, Andy can do Dam Breaker> SDM without having to max out before hand.

- Really good priority on his jump D and jump C. Dunno if it was impoved from '98, but it seems that way. Same for Ex Andy.


- qcfX2+P super now combos off light attacks. d.BX2> Punch Super works like a charm.
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Postby J]-[UN » Fri Jul 11, 2008 04:41

Since my internet was down last night I played around with some UM :(

Near corner :

JumpD, StandC (1hit), fwdB, QMAX, then either :

a) Stand C, sek sek sek sek, df A (2hits), jumpCD or SDM if ur lifebar is red
b) Stand C, fwdB, qcfB -> A

You can even fwdB overhead -> QMAX -> StandC out of corner but you need to be pretty deep so I wouldn't do it, but it works quite well in corners (ala jumpD, fwdB overhead).
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Postby AcidicEnema » Fri Jul 11, 2008 22:21

First hit of Andy's s.C tends to miss against shorter crouching opponents (e.g., Yuri).

So against them, it's probably better to do skip the second stand C, like so:

J.D> s.C (1 hit)> f+B> Q.Max> Hcf+P> Whatever

And yes, hcf+P comboes after a Q.Maxed f+B in the corner. Doesn't work outside the corner. This means Andy with red life can do 50-60% off an overhead in the corner.

Another set up for it is the ol' delayed overhead cancelled trick. E.g., Opponent in the corner. Crouch C (blocked)> delayed f+B (overhead, hits)> Q.Max> hcf+P> Whatever.

Jump D insta-overheads against some characters now. It never used to work as an insta-overhead, afaik.

I'm pretty sure his crouch D gained a bit of range too.
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