Selling and swap thread.....

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Selling and swap thread.....

Postby Jericho MPM TFS » Sun Dec 05, 2010 03:10

Mainly looking to swaps games mainly for any console or something i don't have in general feel free to contact if your interested.

Collect only or meet up at local station i ain't posting any items...

I'll keep updating this thread as time goes by.

360 games

Japanese - Dead or Alive 4

Japanese - Ridge Racer 6

Japanese/American - Rumble Roses XX

American - Dead Rising

American - Fight Night3

American - Perfect Dark Zero

American - Kameo

American - Need for speed most wanted


N64 Japanese - Custom robo V2 very rare game

N64 Pokemon Stadium Pal

N64 Pokemon Stadium Ntsc

N64 Excitebike 64 Ntsc

N64 Zelda Ocarina of time Ntsc

N64 Pokemon Stadium2 Ntsc


Extra Items.....

Snes - Converter european version allows Japanese & American games to work on europe snes

Xbox - Street Fighter Anniversary Collection all region

Dreamcast - Total control - PSX compatible Controller Adapter for DC

Dreamcast - Total control3 Sega Saturn compatible Controller Adapter for DC

3 dreamcast pads 2 pal 1 Japanese.

Adding more soon...
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