2k2 UM - Kusanagi

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2k2 UM - Kusanagi

Post by Kane317 » Mon Mar 02, 2009 05:09

There's an incredibly informative thread/FAQ about him in 2k2 written by Iie-Kyo located here and most of the stuff is relevant so I won't re-post it.

Things to note:
-You can cancel the first hit of df+D.

-s.C, f+B, any DM or s.C, df+D [1hit] any DM -- are your friends

-EDIT:hence, d.B, (d.B), d.A, df+D[1hit], Orochinagi DM (qcb~hcf+P) works well too.

-d.B., d.A, Mu Shiki (qcfx2+AC SDM) - check :)

-d.B is real strange where you can interrupt the move with a special, but it'll never combo. You can try d.B into qcf+P and you'll know what I mean. What does it mean? If do the old d.B, d.A, Mu Shiki shortcut (d.B, qcf+A/qcf~d.A, qcf+P) you might get an overlap.

-New qcfx2+K is so badass that you never get sick looking at it. 4-parter attack starting with the Aragami sprite, dp+C [1hit] sprite, some unknown sprite (prolly syo's), and syo's final punch (ala syo striker in kof2k). Takes off slightly less than orochinagi DM but it makes up for it with style points.

-qcf+K.K links to hcb+K even in the middle of the screen.

-SDM is Orochinagi

-HSDM is Mu Shiki
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Re: 2k2 UM - Kusanagi

Post by Max » Mon Mar 02, 2009 06:07

The new DM has autoguard, but I believe it only exists in Kusanagi's extended hand.

Look at it here. In 1:04, Kyo-2 beats it with a deep close C, but in 2:44, it blocks O. Chris's dp + C from a distance.

Kane317 wrote:-New qcfx2+K is so badass that you never get sick looking at it.


The MAX2 was nerfed in terms of damage. In the original 2k2, it was second (behind Goro's), but now it only does around 50%-ish like several others.

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Re: 2k2 UM - Kusanagi

Post by Iie-Kyo » Mon Mar 02, 2009 09:06

Kane - the Kototsuki (HCB + K) always juggled after a qcf + D, D. You just had to do the qcf + D, D really late. Don't compare this to 2k3 Kusanagi, where they nerfed the crap out of him (along with 90% of the class).

The qcf x 2 + K autoguard point is exactly the same as 98 Kyo's Aragami autoguard point. You do it right when the attack is about to hit for the autoguard to kick in.

If you get the guy in the corner you can do std C, df + D (1 hit), qcf + D, D. It looks stupid but w/e.

Stupid max mode combo:
j. D, std C, df + D (1 hit), BC cancel, run, std C, HCB+ K, qcf + D, D, hcb + K (1 hit), dp + C (1 hit), RDP + B (1 hit), dp + C (1 hit), RDP + D.

Oh and they kept the fix from 98UM where the C Oniyaki ALWAYS hits for two hits if you hit with the initial part of it. This is especially true when used as an antiair. That first hit can be canceled and used for MAX mode juggle combos.

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Re: 2k2 UM - Kusanagi

Post by Gunsmith » Fri Oct 29, 2010 18:54

Basic lifesavers

hcb D is cancellable + overlaps into orochinagi!

so you can punish mistakes eg whiffed DPs by doing HCB .D HCF .C

I find df .D HCB .D really hard to do but again it can be cancelled, as explained above. i find RDP .D a lot easier.

DP + C overlaps with QCF x2 K, so you can do DP + .C, QCF + D, which translates as DP .C x QCF x2 .D
pretty cool stuff - use it as deep autoguard enabled anti air combo

you can also easily run in mid screen and .C DP .C QCF D ...

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