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  1. As soon as you leave a comment, I will see it! Put it anywhere and I’ll add it to the guide

  2. No need to apologise but It would be hard to justify paying for players to enter a XIII tournament when we can only see them playing 98, don’t you see? What happened at KBR? Shunted? How exactly?

  3. I apologize if it isn’t enough to convince you. It’s just that this group is pretty much the least known KOF players and it would be nice to see how they fare against the world’s best. They were shunted at Kuwait Battle Royale Road to Evo event and might not get another chance to travel.. I guess you could try someone from Japan or other countries that were not as represented last EVO.

  4. I have already asked for match videos to prove the level of these players. Still waiting.

  5. Hello, and I’m a spectator as well as a huge fan (and learner) of KOF XIII. I just thought of a great idea to make KOF XIII become an even greater experience at EVO. Lots of people know that Pakistan has one of he best KOF players in the world. Unfortunately, they are usually poor and cannot afford to travel that well. I was wondering if you could try and fund at least one of their players to make the trip to Las Vegas. Who knows, if they are a match for the likes of MadKOF, it could bring a lot of good publicity to the region.

  6. Why don’t you play XIII instead? Making May Lee fly or freeze the stage doesn’t make you an impressive person…

  7. thank you,
    can you tell me about how may lee freeze the stage in kof2001 i want to know with move list( A,B,C,D Up Down Left Right) if you don’t mind. OK (Thanks)

  8. hello!
    I’m hasan. i am a big fen of king of fighters . I saw some combo that i don’t know. like may lee bug in kof 2001 &2002, angle 2002 she fly from stage . do you know that combo bugs. if you know please let me know how do that bugs.
    or send me to my mail.

    thank you

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