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KOF Players Poll Feb-Mar 2018

   frontpage,polls ,,   February 10, 2018  No Comments
KOFXIV Players Feb-Mar 2018 I am excited for KOFXIV 3.0 (11%, 46 Votes) I am interested in SNKHeroines (9%, 37 Votes) I want to a XIV side tournament at EVO2018 (9%, 36 Votes) I'm a casual player (9%, 35 Votes) I want more DLC for XIV after April (8%, 33...

KOF DLC poll survey

   polls ,,,   February 10, 2018  No Comments

Thoughts Putting up a poll asking people if they would pay for a DLC or rather have it for free is silly, in my opinion, because only a minority will pay for something when they could have it for free.  So this poll was more about finding out if they…

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