Gang Il Lab Continues / US offer ending

So last night we got cracking with Gang Il.  Anyone else use him? Seems interesting but lacking in inexpensive anti air.

Can anyone help and leave some tips?

Here’s the first lab session.  After that we’ll be working on Chang.  Feel free to leave requests!


Free Shipping in the US shop ends tomorrow (21st September)

We have a few designs in!!  And some will disappear as we can’t keep them all!

Designs are subject to change, might change the kanji, placement or anything at any time!

Head to the shop now!

KOFXIV Feedback / EU Online Tournament / Bandeiras!

We have been collecting feedback so don’t worry about Nakoruru, Oda-san knows.  But is there anything else that really needs fixing?

Please consider, some bugs that happen in strange conditions are not priority fixes.

Bugs that happen in a regular situation ARE priority.

Moves that are completely unfair need to be reported.

Moves that are unfair but can be countered with general tactics don’t need to be reported.

Buffs and nerfs can cause a huge balance change so please consider the impact on the rest of the cast.

For example if we nerf Nakoruru then Leona, Mature and K’ will go straight to the top.  Please examine the other characters too!

Leave your feedback on this page

EU Online Tournament 17 Sep 21:00 GMT

Probably not the best idea as there is a huge tournament going on in Mexico at the same time, but some people may want to play rather than watch.

Please note, in the interests of our lovely new player fan base: Nakoruru is BANNED.

That may mean more Leona but it’s a bit more interesting than slash, crouch tap tap, bird cling ad infinitum.

If you don’t want it, you are not forced to be on the stream!

Communicate via Twitch Chat or discord

Register yourself here



Dark Chaotix Bandeiras Combo Video!

Don’t forget Thunderstruck is on NOW

Tweet Roundup

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