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3D KOF and SS on the way

Yuki Yagami just posted that SNKP has posted advertisements for staff – they are looking for “Consumer” (ie. Console) Game Planners, Programmers and here’s the catch, 3D CG Designers…

They are specifically seeking New Staff for an upcoming 3D KOF and a new SS for consoles…!

This is just the recruitment stage but it seems the future is set – the question is will this mean KOF 14 or 15 models will be in 3D while staying in a 2D game, like XDZW?  Or are they going to reboot the Maximum Impact Series?

Join the discussion here.

XIII One handed and Matches from China

Thx Toxic Avanger

Woo shows us that not only Xiaohai can pull off some one handed action…


Matches from China thx a11111357


All matches in tournament can be found in following links
Top32 ~ Top8 ->
Top8 and casual matches ->

VXG Qualifiers MCM Expo

Ok it is now official… and it’s going to get very messy next week!

EGL will be working in partnership with Armshouse to give MCM London Comic Con attendees the chance to win over £2,000 in prize money across the two tournaments. The winner of each tournament will also walk away with an all-expenses paid trip to the Video X Games in Saint Maarten in the Caribbean to compete for a piece of the $28,000 prize pot

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London’s first Esports Bar

Drinks and gaming were never a good idea, tournament wise.

However, the idea of having a pint while mashing some buttons is rather attractive.

What to expect:

  • Nice chairs
  • Street Fighter IV

What not to expect

  • High level

Meltdown London is set to host its grand opening on June 1, with further details to be revealed on its Facebook page.

So if you fancy a quick one after work, instead of listening to your workmates drown their sorrows, it might be a good idea to drag them down to Caledonian road!





Anti Kim tech + Maxima Studies

Did we start a trend? It’s what people wanted and now video makers are responding!

Here are some strategies to deal with two of Kim’s basic starting strategies!

I have to wonder what would happen if Kim did only 2 crouching Bs or delayed them to distance himself further away…

We hope to see more videos!!! Discuss this topic here.

Maxima discussion continues with some added beef from Dirty Sanchez, who is working on some KOF tutorials! Give him some feedback before he finalises them!

Remember if we don’t reach our donation goal we will continue to make low budget tutorials – read here!

Anti Chin Tutorial

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

Got some lovely material to start work on this – and then the anti Kim/ Karate tutorials.

One thing, I’m a little confused as to how some people said they wanted better visuals – so why is the donation pot looking so rusty? Surely it’s not too hard to donate €1?  Unless of course you think HD is unnecessary and I’m absolutely fine with starting the work in SD resolution.

Let me know what you think with a click on the poll please!

Deadline 20th May.

If you can help us upgrade to HD, please make a donation now :)

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#XDZW First Impressions

xuan dou zhi wangDesign

Huh.  Apart from the initial rage, not quite at the generic fighters themselves, but at the rather blatant stealing of moves.. oh forget it, look, it’s a KOF rip off.  But it goes beyond KOF and rips off other fighting games too!

Now how about the game itself?


Thanks to some shady friends we managed to get to grips with the game properly, normally for which you essentially need to be a Chinese citizen.

The game features 4 buttons much like a fighter you may have played… two punches and kicks… a roll…. a knockdown attack… and a grab with two buttons.

Well, I have to say I do love the grab with buttons rather than forward with heavy, so my combos don’t get messed up.

Not sure yet if there is evasion roll or blowback but I have noticed some characters have a parry…

This is still in beta stage.  Supposedly using the advice of top KOF players in China, the influence shows.  Noting that these players probably didn’t play anything but KOF97, this also shows in the limited scope of movement, for example the Max Mode cannot be cancelled into, and it doesn’t allow you to cancel moves, as far as I can see, it just allows you to do a SDM.  Plus, only a limited amount of moves can be cancelled.  Combo wise, it’s also rather tight and some combos were needed rather speedy responses – this is a backwards trend as opposed to the easier combos of Persona.  For those who have played KOF13 you’ll see quite a few effects and neomaxes stolen… Otherwise, it’s actually quite fun.  It’s like playing a new KOF.  Lol.


Good so far, and reports support this over long distances.  And that’s going to be a major factor in deciding which game to play.  Considering KOFXIII, 98um and 2002um will be on Steam (don’t quote me on that), this is the direct competitor that has a fresh face,  new moves, a whole load of characters which all cater to the KOF school of cool – lots of young guys with $200 emo haircuts (plus rip offs of Vergil, Chris Redfield etc etc) and questionably aged girls…


And speaking of competition, how much will all this cost? 0.  As in, zero.  Nadda.  It’s a F2P (Free to Play) game, making its revenue from ads in game and no doubt on its radio channel which launches with the menu.  You must login to play and go online, even for practice mode.  The practice mode is limited and craftily so, forcing you to go online for arcade mode to unlock new characters, badges and achievements to keep you playing.  And of course, you can buy those things from the shop…

This model will surely have SNKP grinding teeth, as it has the potential to reap many rewards, and directly to the the company, rather than simply getting a cut from Steam purchases.  At the same time it could go south rather quickly if players find a way to block all the ads and turn off the radio…

Worth impersonating a Chinese citizen?

At the moment the menu is still rather intense and there are some messages which can be quite alarming, plus the cancel and accept buttons often seem to switch sides- the game does need to be localised.  If the game should be picked up, and noting how the system requirements are not that high (I ran it fine on an i5 laptop with no special graphics card)… it’s definitely a contender.  Certain FGC celebs are already playing and having fun with it.  It’s biggest problem is that while trying to ensure people stay online, there is no 2 player mode.  So tournaments will have to hook up LANs.  Lol.  Perhaps this is just a beta thing.  But it’s rather ridiculous.  We’ll keep an eye out.

Here are some videos to whet your appetite.


btw have you seen our new forums? Tired of facebook? Want to regain your inner nerd?

Full Paris KOF signups are now full

While other games still have to fill their slots, KOF shows its popularity has no sign of waning. 32 Man Tournament is now full for the FULL PARIS event on May 19/20.

– Salad
– Blé
– Yulya
– Pavel
– VSFTV EsseX The Sinner
– Ultrayox
– Shaman
– Kof976
– Adk
– Winnymaru
– ShadK
– MF|Tom Sawyer
– Lordmed
– Mikku_Taunter
– WDM.MCZ Luffy
– WDM.MCZ Cuongster
– WDM.MCZ Dooms
– WDM.MCZ Will2Pac
– Cédric
– Samba
– MM|SalimLeVautour
– MM|Hokuto-Youssef
– MM|Tahar
– MM|Jerome
– Chocobotiger
– MM|Pharaon
– Def
– MF|Frionel
– MrQuaraté
– WW.MCZ.Ryan Hart
– Fox
– SBR|Brownsky

Should be good fun!

Not much more info re: streaming and I can tell you that the English stream is certainly not confirmed… but if you need more info go here

Sadly, we have heard the flight to EVO prize has been cancelled for AEX in Italy, so now we are all waiting to hear if the same will happen to FULL CONTACT in Paris in June 8,9. Still no venue details announced, while the claim that each game featured will have a flight to EVO to be won, remains…

The Italians and English are raring to go, but where is that info? Time is ticking and flights get more expensive…

BAM: Battle Arena Melbourne 5

Battle Arena Melbourne returns with its Fifth anniversary event – BAM5 during the 17th-19th of May weekend!

One of the longest running national tournaments that attracts fighting game players from across Australia, continuing a tradition that CouchWarriors began with monthly events since 2006. BAM is set to feature approx 300 players, a huge event in the Australian FGC calendar.

King of Fighters XIII is a featured event!

Official site with Schedule and Registration info:

Twitter: #BAM5
Facebook Event:

Features – 3 Day event! Entertainment including live chip music, interstate Exhibition matches Special guests and major prizes!

LIVE STREAM As part of the Melbourne community we have an equipment and live streaming partnership with

Special International Guest: Jonny “Humanbomb” Cheng (Hong Kong) world class Street Fighter 4 player, 2012 EVO top 5, returning 2010 BAM champion, 2011 Ozhadou champion.

INJUSTICE: Gods Among Us prequel comic writer TOM TAYLOR will be in attendance signing comics and games, and there will be comic giveaways thanks to All Star Comics

Music performance: In partnership with Sound Bytes, Chiptunes musician Pselodux will open BAM5 Friday night entertainment with a blistering spacerock set, bringing together the chiptunes and competitive gaming scenes in a festival of gaming

The event has the largest lineup of titles reflecting the strong emphasis on inclusivity and community growth that is CouchWarriors hallmark, with Casual play well accommodated.

NewGamePlus.TV will be on hand for player interviews and coverage

Official tournaments include:
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition v2012
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
The King of Fighters XIII
Street Fighter X Tekken
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown
Dead or Alive 5
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
Super Smash Bros Brawl
Super Smash Bros Melee
Injustice: Gods Among Us Launch tournament

Special Events
Exhibition matches (TBC)
Pselodux Live Chipmusic set
Tom Taylor Injustice Signing
Mortal Kombat Exhibition
DIY tournaments and more to be announced.

Major Sponsors and Prizes – visit the site for announcements and details.

New Matches feat Wawa

Remember that 10 year old that caused a storm at WGC?  Here are some more matches with him and Frionel, who has now got the better of the youngster, arguably by using characters that are unknown to him (Chin etc), but all the better for Wawa to gain the experience. We’re all watching his development with great interest.

More matches here

Thx to Morgan Nagrom Beaudoire for the tip

All Match Footage for Stunfest 2013 3HC VSF

Now you can see all the match footage supplied by 3hitcombo on Dailymotion, including the 2v2 where the Brothers974 made a huge impact with their Athena play.

Note the guy in charge of the player names often got it wrong since he didn’t know the players.

KOF XIII 2v2 Losers Finals

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Breakers Revenge Semi Finals

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Street Fighter x Tekken Grand Finals

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Mushihimesama Futari Play Through by Mak!!!!!

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Catch the rest here!!!

Update: VSF have uploaded their videos too


360GamingUK – Sun 5th May Results + Videos (TTT2+KoF)

Thanks to everyone who came to 360Gaming’s event last Sunday!! Results and Match Videos are below:

Tekken (TTT2):
1st Asim
2nd Bonus Jin
3rd Goomba

King of Fighters (KoF13):
1st Prodigal Son (Ryan Hart)
2nd Anouar
3rd TRUE Amin

1st Hollow
2nd HowToRead
3rd Prodigal Son (Ryan Hart)

Videos are below (last few matches of Tekken tourney, and some casual matches of KoF):

Video Playlist (TTT2+KoF):

KoF Casuals; TRUE Amin vs Anouar

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TTT2 Winners Final; Bonus Jin vs Asim

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See you all at the next event on Sun 2nd June!! (details to follow shortly).

For more updates and details on future events:
Visit 360GamingUK website
Click “Like” on 360GamingUK Facebook Page.
Click “Follow” on 360GamingUK Twitter.

ON FGC Anti Hwa Guide

With everyone’s help I wouldn’t have been able to do this so thanks again to everyone who gave their support!!! KOFGC is here again!

French version


  • If you do a high jump and hwa does dp D, and tries to drive cancel into qcb B, it will whiff, unless in the corner.
  • Slide – Dragon Tail: If Hwa tries to delay qcb B off a slide, you can interrupt it with a quick anti air
  • If he is drunk, be careful because he has plenty of time to add a dragon tail…
  • he can jump D > cancel into air dp B or qcb B.  At the lowest point, air dp + B is +4 so Hwa is practically safe to continue attacking.
  • Drunk setups where you need to hold left to block the qcb D, and then hold right again to block the normal when the qcb D ends…
  • If he hasn’t put you into block stun with a CD, punish his drinking!
  • When Hwa is sober, his qcb.D cannot crossup a standing opponent. When Hwa is drunk, he can crossup a standing opponent.
  • If Hwa lands close to you, you can punish his qcb B with a throw or any move with less than 2 frames, in or out of the corner.
  • A good Hwa player will not land close to you with qcb B – they will try to delay the qcb B off a slide.
  • If they delay the qcb B off a slide, it’s no longer a true blockstring – so you can counter it with DP or anything BEFORE it hits you.
  • qcb D, you can block this standing or crouching. If you stand block, Hwa is at -4 recovery so you can punish him with any move faster than 4 frames (not an easy task) again, throw may be your best option, but can lead to a simple tech throw off.
  • If you crouch block, Hwa is at -2, needing 2 frames to recover, so pretty much only a throw will punish.
  • Hwa really wants to hit you with the tip of his moves so that he is positive, staying close is better and standing is better but then you have to watch for the slide.
  • Frametrap: If qcb D hits you more than twice, normally in the corner, he has +2 advantage, so if you know he will try a poke you can punish with a command grab (it will come out before his move does) BUT if he knows you will try that he can jump it and you will eat a combo.
  • When drunk, qcb D is -1/0 on block so not much choice there to punish. In the corner, or if you get crossed up, it’s +5 so you can’t do anything if he decides to continue with stand A (as it is 5 frames) and combo.
  • Hold down the button when trying to punish with command throws to make sure you snatch Hwa out of his tiny recovery window.
  • When Hwa is drunk, you should really be scouting for the qcb D, and get ready to stuff it with a normal like Iori/Kyo cl.C, Athena cl.D, Shen cr.C etc… Good Hwa’s will only really use it on wake up, or in strings where stuffing it might be hard (off of a slide, cl.C).
  • Beware of how drunk qcb D can cross up(off of 3 lights, off of 2 delayed lights, meaty slide) and the like.

For more, look at on the wiki or discuss on the forums or facebook group or youtube or twitter er yeah, maybe there’s too many options now… lol?


So you want more? Did you notice that this video is actually rather low tech? No? Great! Ignore the rest of this message. If you are unhappy with the blurry quality and believe sharp HD images would be better for everyone, then you can help us by making a donation now – we only need enough for a HD Game Capture device and a HD splitter.

Je besoin ton aide a acheter un HD Elgato!!

[donation-can goal_id=’hd-upgrade’ style_id=’default’ show_progress=true show_description=true show_donations=false show_title=true title=”]
The elgato looks ideal, due to its lack of need for a power supply and small size. Who needs more baggage when travelling?

If you know a cheaper alternative or know someone who is selling one, let us know?

Reminder – 360Gaming Tournament tomorrow! (KoF+Tekken+Injustice, London UK)


Just a reminder that 360Gaming are doing their next tournament in London tomorrow!!

Details below (Doors open 12PM, otherwise same as original post):

Featuring two of the most active fighting games in London at the moment; Tekken Tag 2 and The King of Fighters 13.
Warriors of both realms will be battling to see who comes out on top of their kingdom.

Plus.. they will also have the all new DC Comics-based fighting game available to play; INJUSTICE!!!!!
Featuring infamous legendary DC characters such as Batman, The Joker, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and many more!!

Full rules (including entry fee) are on the 360gaming website event page
If you are on Facebook, click Join on the Facebook Event Page

Attention: Please take note of the venue change and time change below!!!

This is the Balham venue where the Tekken Ranking Battles were held, NOT the Tram and Social where previous 360Gaming tournaments took place.
Address: 5 Boundaries Road, Balham, London SW12 8HJ
It’s just round the corner from Balham train and tube station (National Rail, Northern Line, Zone 3), which you can easily get to, from most of London.
Once you come out of the station, you should see a SUBWAY sandwich shop. Walk along this road and take the first left, 2mins away. You will see a barber shop just around the corner. The ranking battle venue is just next to this barber shop.
Please click on the above Google Maps link for a better visual representation of the directions.

Date: Sunday 5th May 2013
Doors open: 12PM
Tournament Registration Ends: 1.30PM (tourney will start by 2.00PM, much earlier than last time)
Finish: around 7PM