by GAMEacho 2013年12月19日に開催した ARB第8回 FateUnlimited Codes 1on1大会 終了後 野試合の模様を収録。 2013.12.19 ARB第8回 Fate//Unlimited Codes 1on1大会結果 2013年12月19日に開催した ARB第8回 FateUnlimited Codes 1on1大会 終了後 11戦ガチの模様を収録。 優勝ゴミ(アーチャー) vs ゆきてる(言峰) A tournament held in Sega Namba Avion arcade; one of their many RB2 events, original upload by nico user papasupa Match 1 : Iza vs Pa Match […]

JAN 16-19 VAN DAMMAGE   FEB 28 – MAR 2   MARCH 29 – 30     Of course there’s one more in Korea… but more precise info coming soon…   If you have a tournament you want advertised, please contact us, or add it to the google FGC calendar!

Baffles me why they are bothering with this broken game when they have Final Edition… I’m going to hazard a guess that the arcade doesn’t have Nesica Live. Re:vamp The KOF 2013 Fall-Winter 98UM Random Match (Nov 2nd, 2013) In Ikebukuro Rumble Plaza At Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan original uploaded from nicovideo […]
SNKP End of Year Sale!

Year-end sale! To celebrate the holidays, SNK Playmore lower the price of all its games! All iOS/Android applications from SNK PLAYMORE will be available at reduced prices during this year-end sale campaign!!* Offer valid until January 5, 2014.Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!! 「THE KING OF FIGHTERS’97」 $3.99 ⇒ $1.99「SAMURAI SHODOWN II 」 $3.99 […]
Interview with the best Ralf in Japan: MYU

(English and Japanese) As part of our interview series, our next is with Japan’s resident Clark and Ralf specialist, Myu, talking about character love, running tournaments and extra special cosplays.  He also plays Third Strike! 1. Hello Myu-san, what’s happening with you? I’m doing well and playing. My local arcade just closed, so I’m wondering […]

It’s an A-cho special! Here are some matches from our favourite arcade in Kyoto! Fate/Unlimited Codes Water Pizza Last Blade 2 – 2on2 MOTW
Persona CMV – Mai Shiranui

Persona is back with a new CMV, focusing on the ninja girl Mai Shiranui. Persona shows off some high damage combos off certain meter amounts while displaying some nice 100% kill combos. The vid ends with a 100% combo done in VS, which shows off Mai win pose at a KO’ed Andy. Enjoy!

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