Maxima Combo Time!

From Dark Chaotix:

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BGM – KD-0079 : KoF 2k2 OST

Due to Patch 1.03, I had to change a few combos as they were either not possible anymore or damage is different. From the update, his df+C has a smaller hitbox so it harder to link sC ( 2 hits ) then df+C and crossing up with jC is also harder. However, he did get counter animation the same way he had if previous KoF from his qcb+A/C attack on counter hit. pre 1.03, it would just gave you counter damage but not wall bounce so this update did give him a few more options.

It is possible to link stuff after air qcb+AC but the window and timing is so small it made it difficult to experiment. For example, it is possible to link qcb+AC after air qcb+AC but have to be quick and low to the ground which isnt easy. It would of been good if you could do qcb+AC after hcb+B/D but the game wont allow you too.

Hope you enjoy this vid. Maxima does have some good damage output and seems fun to play.

I know I made 2 mistakes on this vid with the maxmode bar, where it should of been 1500 but was at 1000. It doesn’t compromise the combo, it just means I should of had more max mode bar to spare than I did in the vid.

v1.03 Aftermath #KOFXIV

  1. EU Online Tournaments this Friday Night 21st Oct and Saturday! 🙂 Keep an eye on the twitter!
  2. Canada Cup is next weekend!!! The next KOF Championships Qualifier!!!

The Aftermath

There’s just too much right now, a bit of a hectic buzz, but certainly a positive one.  Lots and lots of issues were addressed and while some were not happy with the top characters still remaining strong, some things were definitely pleasing.

It’s an interesting idea, and risky, to listen to the fans, the community that plays your game.  Especially when you’re no longer making money from them.  Catering to the older fans, we can see that KOF spirit having destroyed the freedom to roll away and zone gameplay, bringing back that aggression and pressure.  But that’s only what they did with the game-

SNK released, or at least seem to be about to release PSN themes for free (already available in Asia but maybe available in the west from Tuesday), which were previously pre-order bonuses.

They’ve created tshirts, which they’re not even going to sell, rather, give away at tournaments.

WHAT THE HELL SNK? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? It’s really nice but some of us actually want you to TAKE ALL OUR MONEY! lol

Well, take at least some haha.  At any rate, players and fans are really happy at the moment and 19 pages of changes means a good bit of playtime and resurgence of online activity.

Here’s a video of some of the changes