ON Team talks about KOFXIV part 1

We’re gonna catch up with Team ON and see how they’re doing with KOFXIV.  Do they even like it?  Let’s find out.  This is part 1.  Part 2 is now up, with Part 3 after that!


is here sticking with Ralf whilst dropping Clark for Vice and using King for uhhhh kicks.  What does he think about the game?

I like KOF14 very much, without character balance.  I think rolls are too long, and fireballs are too strong.  So I think defence is stronger than offence.  I want KOF14 to be better game, thank you!!



Atma recently won Play Expo in Manchester and wins pretty much every event in Scotland (apart from when Tokido visited).  He played the beta at Stunfest and now says:

I feel a lot worse about the game. I think it’s really awkward to play, there’s too much dumb stuff with attacking wrong way, corner cross ups, pointer stuff general etc… Too many “surprise” when playing that makes no sense to what is happening on the screen. Characters are too strong and others far too weak, at Stunfest I felt this too but I thought there are still months to go, but unfortunately they didn’t fix this.  Having played more I don’t like the game that much honestly. It feels really linear, and a lot of characters play exactly the same (and they’re all the strongest characters), it gets boring to play for a long time.  (Still) KoF is more fun to me than other current fighting games.


As you know, he travelled to China to join Xiaohai and went all the way to the grand finals!  You can find him online too! ^^

They should fix Mature Nakuroro, Mai & Love Heart first.
Also I think they should add the option to do an Ex move out of MM with 1 meter. I think it will make the game system more interesting.
Some normals’ hitbox is insane, I dunno what were they thinking.

Maaaaan just think about it now we have a KOF with a great netcode and a world championship.. SNK is doing super well and I’m loving it!


Mr Wolf

The Italian Stallion is not so impressed!

“I think the gameplay is fun but not balanced… I don’t like the max mode system and the character’s design. Also the music …. some are nice other ugly.. the backgrounds are the best thing …”


The best Joe in the world continues to strives to continue in the next generation.  A completely different style of team, would have thought he would have picked Shun’Ei to replace Shen Woo, whilst Luong is certainly no Hwa replacement.  Hmmm!  But what does Haregoro want to say?

I’m enjoying the game, I played Ramon in 2000 and Luong is attractive ^^

Here’s Haregoro vs Koukou!  Check out Haregoro’s sexy Ramon and Koukou’s Mian!  Do I see a safe jump after Bird of Paradise?



Still running events, still sitting on the beach in Costa Rica….

The game is good. It’s definitely entertaining.
I love the support that SNK is giving the game for the first time ever. We can see the interest in the company for the game; specially with the Online issues that got solved in less than a week.
The balance is still a problem. But besides Nakoruru, the game feels great. Instead of nerfing K’ Mai King and Robert, they need to buff up other characters, such as Choi Chang Tung & Alice; they plain and simply can’t match up properly against 80% of the roster.
Nobody wants another XIII were (besides Misterio) in any Top8 you’ll see nothing more than Ex Iori MrKarate and Kim.
And right now all we see is K Robert Mai & Nako.
To keep the game alive they don’t need DLCs… with 50 characters is more than enough but, BUT!! The game has to give you the proper tools with all those 45 left otherwise it would be impossible. Otherwise, the game will be stuck with those 5…

Do you agree? How do you feel about KOF14 after a month?  Leave a comment!

Part 2 features Gabo, MichelS, Vicio, Tennkawa, Paulo Paulo and more!  Read it here

The #KOF Roundup; Vice Combo!

Dark Chaotix pulls out the stops again with a bone cracking Vice combo video; he has this to say about the October patch:

“I say “no” to further patching”

Wonder why? Check out the video, then check out the roundup of news and tweets!

Don’t forget tonight, it’s on again in Stratford!

Meanwhile Atma won the Play Expo in Manchester.
Brackets are up, hopefully video to follow, we’ll post about that later.

Over in Germany, Hessen Crash took place with KOFXIV and Ken Deep crashed out, having stuck with Chang.
Well, kudos for the choice but unsuprisingly Nakoruru ended him.

Surprisingly, Dracula took top spot with Kula (plus Robert and Iori). Hopefully videos soon, but you can see results at HardEdge. Kendeep did win GGXrd at least :3

Over in Japan, Duelling the KOF took place, with Koukou and Kabao winning a qualifying match on day 1

But the final winners were:

2002UM: Akhisa/ Ban/ M’

98: JyoJyo, Yamachan, Akihisa

13CL: Hitosusan/ and some other dude (can’t read the kanji)


Bad bad bad things

The Verse and Gang Il Guides have been updated. The main page has been re-organised.  Still lots of work to do.

Don’t forget


Wahuti posted a nice 2 bar combo with Mature

Here’s a nice little break guard tip for Verse

Then the Internet had a little blow up over Andy Bogard hit box. It’s just Andy so nobody paid that much attention.

But it certainly raises some questions:

Oda himself actually replied, seemingly saying this move is no error, taken from Real Bout.

So uhhh this isn’t getting patched… watch out versus Andy!

And now for some Alice!

777 plays Antonov and uses some horrible guard breaking tactics, poor Maxima!

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