GGXRD Watch this female fan get excited over Eddie, and er… some gameplay footage of GGXRD. The video might get deleted soon, so watch it now! x Thanks to NStalkie! BETA KEYS SNKPLAYMORE are giving away Beta Keys and more! To find out when, follow them @SNKPOFFICIAL   CAFEID needs your help! Just follow […]

Here are more fighters all confirmed for #globalid March 29-30.  Will you be joining them? 1.Cafeid Kensouzzang(Korea) (C) 2.infiltration(Korea) (C) 3.Taki Jinpachi(Japan) (C) 4.SL Burnout(Australia) (C) 5.Sange_tencho(Japan) 6.Koukou(Japan) 7.Okome(Japan) 8.Keykakko(Japan) 9.Hitoshi(Japan) 10.MOA(Japan) 11.2K(Japan) 12.Taitsu(japan) 13.oogosyo(japan) 14.Hiroto_Yowai(japan) 15.rinomoto(Japan) 16.Banbaban(japan) 17.Inocchi(japan) 18.Arubi(Taiwan) 19.ET(Taiwan) 20.sethuthut(Taiwan) 21.Rockpon(Taiwan) 22.Ren(Taiwan) 23.Tim(Taiwan)(C) 24.Cafeid Madkof(Korea) (C) 25.Cafeid verna(Korea) (C) 26.Cafeid Lacid(Korea) (C) 27.Cafeid […]
Confirmed @XianMSG will be at #IVGC + #SF4U

Thanks to the Versus Dojo (@VersusDojo) our main tournament qualifier partner, we’re happy to announce that Kun Xian Ho AKA “Xian” (@XianMSG) will join us for this first International Video Game Cup. (Huh….. wonder who will win out of Bala vs Xian? Only one way to find out…) Xian is the most successful player of 2013, before & after his victory at the Super […]

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