Versus Fighting this Weekend – Featuring…. !

Check out the confirmed attendees!  Some you will recognise…. some… you will not… but you will! ^^ That’s right. WAWA MANIA RETURNS THIS WEEKEND.   I guess he’ll look a year older… right… hmmmm!   We’ll also have FORCE D GYP and perhaps some very old friends from foreign lands coming to visit too.  HEHEHEHEYYPPPEE […]

More scenes from KOF XIII in Italy, featuring Mr Wolf, who will be joining his team mate Force D Gyp in Paris for Versus Fighting on the 17 Nov! Mr.Wolf : Iori Flame – Mr.Karate – Kyo Semper Pups : Kim – Benimaru – Shen Sean : Mr.Karate – Kyo Nest – K’ – Terry […]

(article in Japanese and English) 日本での2on2初心者大会 初級·中級ランダムペア2on2トーナメントNov.23 エントリ:2PM-2:30PM 始まり:3:00 PMを どこ:新宿プレイランドカーニバル 入場料:100円 この大会は、プレイヤーがランダムにペアリングを取得2on2になります。 ない敗者用プールがあります。 主催:ON |ミュウ(ONでアシスト| Haregoro、Keykakko、Okomeなど) エントリーフォーム: トーナメントはニコにストリーミングされます Beginner-Intermediate random pairing 2on2 Tournament Nov.23 Entry: 2PM-2:30PM Begins: 3:00PM Where: Shinjuku Playland Carnival Entrance fee: 100 Yen This tournament will be a 2on2 where players get randomly paired. There will be no loser’s pool. Organizers: […]
@Haregoro Interview part 3

This is the third and final part of our interview with Haregoro, talking about the past, the future and the Olympics!  Did you miss part 1 or part 2? THE PAST What made you start playing fighting games? I loved video games to begin with [as a kid] and I played a lot of fighting […]
New KOF Female Player @cafeid

And she’s beating up INFILTRATION. A double shocker of sorts, Cafeid have lovingly kidnapped the famous Street Fighter player and perhaps forced him to play KOF.  You can see him getting to know the game over … six hours or so, right here.  You can also see more of Soo A, the female player.  She’s […]