Some online specials here BBCP Acho The new Chaos Code at a-cho

Hey guys, I’m pleased to report the Steam Autumn Sale has now started!!!! It’s a previous Sale that got me started on Steam in the first place, so definitely a good time for anyone new to join Steam! (it’s the PC version of PSN/XboxLive) Most of these deals expire on 3rd December, but a few […]
FFM Rumble #BBCP Results and Ranking

The Results and Ranking for Blazblue CP tourney held in Germany were put up on :-  They are as followed:- 1: DarkRtBOne (Azrael) 2: JFC | DragonLordZ (Bang) – UK 3: Mr.E (Jin) – UK 4: EXOneStar (Litchi) – UK 5: Tritri (Noel) – FRA 5: xXSvenisXx (Platinum) 7: Sakaku (Rachel, Kokonoe) 7: […]

check out this round up of some INSANE combos for FFS! Daemon Bride DOA New Casual Costume pack GGACR Matches from acho
KoF XIII – Neutral Wake Up and Wake Up Roll Invincibility

GuttsCL has recently upload two new vids showcasing invincibility frames upon wakeup. The first vid is an apparent “glitch” that only Yuri, King and Vice acquire during some knockdowns. If the stick is left in neutral state (so not blocking or moving), the opponents safe jump attempt is nullified. The vid also shows what […]
Persona CMV – Robert Garcia

Persona has uploaded an impressive Robert CMV on his new channel PersonaEntertainment, so for future uploads make sure you check the new channel. Anyone that likes or uses Robert will find something worth using in this vid, since most of the combos are high damaging, at the expense of more meter usage. Also check […]

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