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Duelling the KOF Top 8!

Duelling KOF XIII Top 8

[Gussan, Ryu] vs [Takayama, Shugaku]
[Fujishima, Tomo@kp] vs [Inocchi, Sora]
[Aya, Tenga] vs [Rinomoto, Koukou]
[Dune, M’] vs [Kaoru, Woo]

Thx Prof

Don’t forget there is KOF 98, 2002um, and XIII, and then on Sunday, KOF 95, 97, 2000 and 2002!!!!

Tune in tomorrow at from 11.30am (use Prof’s world clock to help you)

King of Fighters XIII CMV – Mai Shiranui : Bouncy Edition

It’s bouncy!!!


Sorry, I couldn’t help myself with the title and I debated over whether I should have called it that or not but in the end I did. Mai Shirnaui is probably one of the hardest character I’ve done so far as so much specific spacing and timing is required for a few of her combos. Not as monotonic as Takuma, but still was fun to make.



Killer Instinct Q and A today

October 31st at 12pm PDT/3pm EDT

Here’s an opportunity to really grill the developers on exactly how this will actually be a serious competitive fighter, or perhaps just a good time to talk crap with the stream monsters.

Are you hype for Killer Instinct?

Will this game be hype or just a five minute button basher xbox launch title?

Duelling the KOF this weekend!

On a completely different subject– as Toxico mentioned a bit back, there’s a KOF event happening this weekend in Japan called “Duelling the KOF”. It’s probably the world’s largest KOF-only tournament, runs for a whopping 3 whole days. The main title is of course KOF13, which has somewhere around 120 participants. There’s also going to be KOF95,98, 2000, 2002UM.

The KOF13 2on2 tournament(pools below) will have many of the top players in Japan. In particular, look forward to Kaoru and Woo. The two players from EVO are apparently joining hands to take everyone down.

One of the big attractions at this 3-day event will be the “East Japan vs West Japan” 10-on-10 exhibition where they’ll finally fight out to see which side of the country is the strongest. It’s mainly going to be players from the nation’s capital Tokyo against SNK’s hometown Osaka which has a long-time rivalry against one another, so it’ll be rather interesting. What’s more, it’s taking place in the nation’s former capital– Kyoto, which makes it additionally iconic. Not all the top players are in the 10on10 roster, although hopefully they’ll end up in the TBA slots. This event will be taking place on Day 2 after all the finals are over.

The stream URL hasn’t been announced yet, I’ll post it here when it does.

Go here to see pools and more info

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