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Lonestar Cup in Tokyo and #SNK matches from Mikado

The Lonestar Cup in Tokyo


ON.Vicio will be in town on the 19th March to meet his Japanese brothers!

To celebrate, as usual, there will be a random 3vs3 tournament at Shinjuku Playland Carnival.

It will start at 15:00 so you should come earlier to register.

Correction: It is 3 vs 3 – 3 players versus 3 players with a whole team each, NOT one character each.

Stream will be on Nico Nico at this address!

Raffle Prizes!!!

For more info, contact Myu on twitter.


New old skool matches from Mikado!

Do they play differently to how you remember? Might change the way you look at the game….  dat backstep tech lol

Here are some new matches from recent (2016) tournaments in Mikado!

Note you may want to lower your volume, the commentator cracks the speakers with his screaming….

And here’s some Buriki One for good measure

Latest #Yatagarasu Matches from Kohatsu + #bladearcus #uniel #mbacc #rivalschools

After our last post about matches here’s some more featuring various games off the mainstream.

While the video footage may seem like it’s from the 00’s, at least it’s there! Catch up on the latest fighting from Japan’s remaining arcades.


Blade Arcus

There’s no sound for quite a while, don’t worry.



Meanwhile at Acho: UNIEL and MBACC

And at Mikado they’re still playing Rival Schools



Italian Stallions now streaming #IGC

Competively, KOF13 is dead, in Italy. There’s like 5 people playing it, if that.

One of them is Mr. Wolf, who somehow seems to be bloody strong, having only played with a couple of guys.

He was the only one to defeat Xiaohai in Cannes.

Tune in to see if he has lost his touch, or upgraded his skill with more characters.

Fellow stallion Sempre will also be featuring on the stream to wreck stuff with Benimaru infinites and maybe others….

Gunsmith will be in the chat, spamming ads.

Watch live video from IGChannel on



Reader’s Questions to EVO Champions, Interviews with Producers, Playing Tips, Cosplays & Fanart… everything related to FGC and the Fighting Game Scene.

A lot of work has gone into it, thanks to all contributors, who knows when the next one will be released!-

We’re listening to your feedback, that’s for sure- is there someone you want to interview? Is there something you need to put in print? Just leave a comment.

You can read below or grab the pdf, link below.

Featuring, Giby & Hellpockets, Haregoro, Myu & Tennkawa
Brook, RZR.Xian
Yasuyuki Oda, Qanba.Douyu.Xiaohai
Jen Tan, Bayu, Emperor Cow
Qanba.Douyu.Dakou, DBJ.ET, Rayokarna,
Tortita, Atma, Affro, FGCFilm & Dune
With the scenes of Costa Rica, Ireland, UK, Japan, USA, Taiwan, Indonesia, Italy, Chile & more!

Direct Download the PDF here (15.5MB)




BUY NOW: US  | EU | GB ::  Art Prints > US

BUY NOW: US  | EU | GB ::  Art Prints > US



the sequel to the 25million download game is here!

Grab the game here for FREE!


Follow SNK for news and giveaways @SNKPOFFICIAL !


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Winter Showdown 3, KOF XIV KCO Pedro vs ON Vicio, and KOF XIII Vids!


In one more month we will see one of the most competitive KOF-centric tournaments to date. A tournament that has surpassed all expectations with its exponential growth and quality of players in attendance; and not to mention one of the first Street Fighter V tournaments. We are talking about Winter Showdown 3 hosted by the Kings of Co at Denver Colorado, where the first Dream Cancel Cup Finals will be held at. The tournament will host Super Smash Bros.,  Guilty Gear Xrd, Street Fighter V, KOF 98 UMFE, KOF 2002 UM, and KOF XIII as main tournaments. These are some of the elite KOF XIII players who will be in attendance:

Team Chaos. Yoshi, RealKim and ChrisKOF




Team Chaos is indisputably, LA’s strongest and most well established KOF community and team. They always have a tournament presence in important KOF events. Team Chaos members have made it to top 8 in KOF XIII at multiple past Evos so keep an eye out for them at Winter Showdown 3.

MadCatz | Luis Cha

Luis has proven himself over the years as a top contender in big KOF events, most KOF players are familiar with his insane setups and short but deadly Ex-Iori combo “the Luis Cha”.

EGN | El Rosa



From Mexico City, this contender has shown in many occasions that he will give the most elite players a great fight. He constantly makes it to top 8 in Evo, SCR, and any other big tournament he attends.  His team is always wearing pink.

Violent Kain and Animal

Animal, aka Kahnibalito, one of the most creative combo makers out there, he understands the game like no other, this is why he stands out in skill to whatever tournament he attends, he placed 2nd in Evo 2015. His Mr. Karate’s mastery is fearsome and he recently set Vice in his main team.

Violent Kain, also known as Mr. Rekkas, is a renown player from Mexico city Furia Tica’s champion over the best of the best Misterio and in several occasions a top contender at Evo. Everyone fears getting caught by his rekka loops, which not many people have documented proficiency to do them at Violent Kain’s level. if you ever beat his Iori, watch out for his true secret weapon.



The Taiwanese warrior and fearsome Clark player. The vortex is real, just ask anyone who has played against him. Top player at multiple Evos and many other international tournaments.

I can already feel the tension, this tournament is going to be of the greatest quality in skill and character variety. Don’t miss it for the world! KOF XIII has a pot bonus of $600 and growing. Street Fighter V has $300.

You can register here! pre-registration is still open.

Visit the event page for more details!

Ps; Please help Kings of Co by buying a limited edition t-shirt! All profits made from this will be used for pot bonuses or to bring an out of state(or country) player. There are three designs to choose from so pick the one you like. Kings of Co will thank you for the support! T-shirt 1. T-Shirt 2. T-Shirt 3! Hurry!! There’s still time to bring an international player at a somewhat reasonable price.

Fundraiser tees!

Exclusive! Yes! this never before seen footage of KCO Pedro vs TxC [ON] Vicio going all out in their last possible match of KOF XIV at PSX. Check it out!

The Texas Crew would like you to enjoy these previously unreleased KOF XIII matches from the day before LoneStar Admonition III.

AC Albanna vs TxC [ON] Vicio

ST|TL Animal(Kahnibalito) vs TxC [ON] Vicio

ST|TL Animal(Kahnibalito) Vs AC | Albanna


More Ridiculous Stun Combos! #KOF

Only starting with 2 bars and 70% meter, bpHolyCross sets up a Saiki stun combo, which then KOs the opponent, having used a total of 5 bars, building the last 3 from the combo alone!

And we’re not done yet!  Check out this NEW Iori stun combo by Lostfeather413, which doesn’t use the infinite rekkas!


Thanks to ON.Dark Chaotix for the tip! Follow and subscribe!


Don’t forget to check out the new shirts and FGCMAG!

#FGCMAG: Photos, Interviews, Tips, Strategies, Cosplay, Classic eSports Moments & Events – all the things related to the Fighting Game Scene & Community.


RZR.Xian, ET, Dune, Hypespotting & More

Direct Download the PDF here (15.5MB)


MMCAFE Reopens

Our friends at MMCAFE have reopened the store, with a new menu of treats for the gaming connoisseur.

MMCafe was one of the leading sources of information in the past, based in Japan with a bilingual webmaster, posting news in English well before any western sources could even read the Japanese source.

Now they are back, you can satisfy your gaming hunger even quicker!

Check out their new tasty treats such as:

  • The closure of more and more arcades in Japan.
  • How the KOF13 Producer became Senior Manager
  • The Zangief cosplayer who dressed to impressed with a personal cost
  • Galford featured in a game
  • More footage of unused moves in KOF96

Head over to MMCAFE now!

Rugal in #MSD & Fez Fighters 2016 #KOF #USF4 #GGXrd


After the recent teaser by SNK, the video was released this morning: Rugal is in Metal Slug Defense, and man, he’s a hell of a boss.

We can only imagine he’ll be back again with slightly different colours ^^ but until then it’s gonna be all out to get to use him (he’s unlocked for purchase after you beat him) and versus mode will never be the same again!


Here are all the first batch of FF2016 replays, you’ll get to see USF, GGXrd and KOF:

How did the now famous Andy user Wolfman and Freezer do after coming back from Dubai?
Now you may know Frionel for playing KOF but how does he use his KOF skills to play GGXrd and USF? Check out the videos below!

More at the channel!


15% off ends today!!!!

ad-2016webRun over to the store nowwwww


Look out for it this weekend!




New #kof Anime & TV Series


Following a Tweet this morning by Chanimaru, it appears a Chinese studio has acquired the license to begin a new animated series and live action series based on KOF.

The animated series may even start by first quarter of 2016!

Looking at the photo, the illustration on the poster is of KOF Zillion, a Hong Kong comic which took the storyline to new…. developments. This could mean the anime will go in directions not exactly expected… Then again, considering the last anime based on Maximum Impact with Falcoon’s characters taking over the storyline, perhaps nothing can go wrong.

As the production is aimed at China, it’s interesting to consider whether they will retell the kof 97 story, perhaps as a base, before going into the nests saga. I think we’d all like to see this animated regardless.   In fact, President Mr. Li Yifei, is aiming to distribute this to the overseas market including Japan and North America!

Then the real question is how this all works with live action…. Most fighting games have not had a successful transition to live action, even with big budgets…. and that’s where this conversation ends.

Disagree? Leave a comment!

Thanks to ALX for verification!

15% Off ends Jan 12!

Check out our new simple but effective designs!

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#Pixiv #KOF art Roundup

As we get ever closer to the FGCMAG Vol 2, we hope you’ll enjoy these artworks!


The Kula14 is especially impressive, while the Iori is included because it’s so different to the usual art, you’ll know when you see it!

05/01/2016 by Ktovhinao on pixiv

That was supposed to be whip. Can’t remember her having heart shaped earrings but who’s complaining?

ことしもよろしく by 伊勢 on pixiv

KOF14 ver クーラ・ダイアモンド by E.viL on pixiv

八神 by よよいち on pixiv

#CantonCup and #KOFGCC Youtube Replays

Canton Cup 2016

Here are the Grand Finals with Xiaohai (Player 1) – him getting there was to be expected, but the ending was certainly not what you expect!!!

Player 2’s name is Terry, using the gamertag King of Rarka….

Why was there a big pause during the final match? DUN DUN DUN actually what happened is that convention staff turned on a stage light which blinded the monitor!!!

Shout outs to Dakou for getting everything set up on the day when a certain party failed to do it!

Apologies for the Day 1 stream cancellation as the Internet at the convention did not turn out to be reliable, which in fact caused a few crashes.

Thanks to everyone for tuning in to still make it a success with a reported peak of 120,000 watching it live online.

Thanks to Charles Liu for the explanations!


Another tournament, just before, half way across the world, with Xiaohai reaching Grand Finals!

MadKOF comes in with the hulking Daimon!

Don’t miss the nail biting match between ON.Freezer and Bhayankar Iori!!

Follow @GCCMajors for future events.





Soon finished! #FGCMAG Vol3

20 year old translation reveals how #KOFXIV is really going back to its roots

A translation of “All about KOF ’94” has surfaced, and as this publication probably came out in 1995, that would make it 20 years old.


In it, the developers reveal their plans and ideas for the characters, and you will notice some striking similarities between this original idea and that of kof14! This marks perhaps a real reboot for the series and perhaps is an indication of what they really wanted to show us 20 years ago, without the limitations of hardware etc that they had then…

Check out the details on prisoner team and then read the rest at the link. You should also check out the article on AOF too.

Kim Kaphwan

In the first stage of the development, we wanted to add another “criminal” character to Chang and Choi’s team, which would have been the “Prisoner Team.” But due to various circumstances, we added Kim instead and made it the Korean team.

This was also criticized at first, with people saying, “hey, isn’t it weird for Kim to be on a team with these two criminals?” So we came up with the idea that Kim is trying to rehabilitate them.

By the way, as for how Kim initially met Chang and Choi… one day, Kim happened to be watching the news on TV and saw that Chang had broken out of jail. Kim thought to himself, “I must teach him a lesson!” and went out into the town in the middle of the night in search of Chang. Also, it was then that Choi tried to attack Kim, but he had the tables turned on him by Kim, and Kim ended up making Choi a member of the team too.

Chang Koehan

Early in the development he was a far more brutal, villainous character, but once we teamed him up with Kim, we mellowed him a bit.

His first design had him in your typical striped prison clothes, but creating all the graphics with that kind of a striped pattern was too difficult, so we changed his outfit to plain white cloth with a skull and crossbones mark. But that also turned out to be no good, so we went to the even simpler “tunic and chains” design.

For Chang’s super move, Wild Ball, the designer was totally out of ideas and only tried this move out as a kind of last-ditch attempt. But it got a good response from everyone so we left it as his super. By the way, in Chang’s backstory, he learned this move by watching and imitating Kim’s Phoenix Kick.

Read the rest of the translation here

The AOF article is here.

Kudos to shmuplations for this fascinating work!

Now don’t forget to tune into Canton Cup

Watch the best Andy in action at #KOFGCC and Xiaohai using random

The first batch of KOFGCC videos are now up, where you can see hot action between global competitors who have travelled from Korea, Morocco, France and China to Dubai, including ON.Freezer, VFM Wolfman, MTK.Salim, White Ash and Busterwolf, MadKOF and Xiaohai. The best is yet to come, but mid tier supporters will rejoice to watch Wolfman’s Andy in action against top tiers which normally are stacked against his favour. The players from Pakistan make their international debut and get warmed up properly in these sets. There is the bonus full footage of Xiaohai playing KOF98 in a FT15, using random select, against Bhayankar Iori. Enjoy!

Don’t forget the CANTON CUP tournament tomorrow and last chance to book Hypespotting at 25% off!

Famitsu Interview with SNKP Chief of Gaming Division

yujaw’s posted their interview with SNKP Executive and Chief of Gaming division Yutaka Noguchi, which in turn was summary translated by Professor of MMCAFE. Here are some highlights!

– New Pachislot regulations are one of the main reasons why SNKP decided to switch back to gaming. New releases of Pachislot machines were going to need huge changes, and when they laid down their business plans they decided it may be better to focus their resources back to gaming.
– Noguchi: “Even as of now, we’re better known as a game company than a pachislot company.”
– When SNKP took their IPs into consideration, they decided that going back into the gaming business and taking advantage of their IP would probably be better. Also, their smartphone and Steam stuff were doing well and it helped push things in that decision
– Noguchi’s heard from many people that they’re happy SNKP is back in gaming. He says it’s a market where they can hear the user’s voices more directly, but it’s also a harsh market that consumers will go away unless the games are actually fun even if it’s based on a popular IP. He hopes they’ll create fun games with the fans because that should be enjoyable for their development staffs as well.
– KOF14’s main dev members are old staff from SNK’s golden days.
– Their contact at SCEA is a fan from the NeoGeo era who’s been requesting some hardcore titles, one of the reasons why some PS4 ports are in progress.
– Noguchi predicts the Smartphone game market will still continue to grow, and SNKP will continue to focus on it.
Metal Slug Attack is one of the main titles they’ll be focusing on in 2016
– Noguchi says that personally he’d like to release titles for the arcades as well as console.
– As one of their plans, they’re going to give out licenses that’ll fit the needs of various regions. For example with Asia, they licensed KOF98 to Tencent. They’re also hoping to license out characters, like say if Iori is popular in China and Terry is popular in North America, they’ll allow them to come out in those region’s games and whatnot.
– When asked about any collaborations with Japanese companies like “Capcom vs SNK”, Noguchi laughed and commented that they’ve just restarted their game business and there’s still a far way to go.

Read the rest here

Photo courtesy of Famitsu: Source



This video goes over what DHALSIM can do in the 01.05 BETA of SFV. It goes over Basic Combos, V-Trigger Combos, V-Skill Combos, Counter Combos, as well as Critical Art Combos.

Bare in mind that this footage is from the BETA and these combos may or may not work in the final version. Also, with the limited time we had with the beta, it is very likely that there is a lot more to him than what is shown in this video.

But until the final release…

Special Thanks to Artist: Axouel2009

ON Streams and Tweets

Here’s our recent streams, with Stophers in Tokyo playing people in Asia while Gunsmith in Europe. It’s kinda crazy since many friends were playing GGXRD and SFV beta, but still many playing KOF XIII! :) Come join us next time!

Check out our featured tweets after the videos, with art and fun stuff!


lol check the mixup



The first one is of particular interest because again we all need to pay attention to the market – what we are doing with our money dictates what the companies will make. If KOF smartphone games make 45 million USD, and KOF14 makes 2 million, what do you think will happen? What do you think companies will invest in? Worrying thoughts… let’s hope KOFXIV totally blows up, because if it doesn’t…. back to KOF13 :p