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The ON Show Podcast Nov 2018

NOTE: I didn’t have the data in front of me when I made the podcast, BBTAG sales were more than SNKH! Podcast: 1. Switch KOFXIV? 2. Samurai Showdown system too deep? 3. Easy systems vs sales 4. SNKH at Level Up 5. Politics with a lot of rambling inbetween. Sorry…

Hands On with DOA6

   FGC News   November 2, 2018  No Comments

Hey everyone! Its been a while. I recently had the chance to spend quite some time on the TGS build of DOA6 and I thought I would share my experience with you all as I feel like I might be able to answer a lot of questions and skepticism that…

SNK and Brave Wave announce AOF2 Vinyl

   FGC News   October 30, 2018  No Comments

SNK AND BRAVE WAVE CONTINUE THEIR EXCITING PARTNERSHIP TO BRING CLASSIC SOUNDTRACKS TO CD AND VINYL SNK and Brave Wave Productions are proud to its second collaboration, Generation Series 007: ART OF FIGHTING 2 for CD and vinyl. Released in 1994, ART OF FIGHTING 2 was a tremendous leap forward for…

SNKHEROINES Community Review

   FGC News ,   September 8, 2018  No Comments

Disclosure: Review copy code provided by SNK… and then I bought the Diamond Edition. Note: don’t forget there is the first SNK tournament & stream this Sunday the 9th September at 2pm JST / 7am CET / 9pm Saturday PDT SNKHEROINES: a fun and deceptively deep fighting game with a…

The NEO GEO World Tour

   FGC News ,,,,,   April 19, 2018  Comments Off on The NEO GEO World Tour

What is it? The NEO GEO World Tour is a global tournament where the winners of each region will win a flight to Hong Kong for a final tournament! There are in fact TWO seasons (at least), which means two chances to win a flight to Hong Kong; the first stop…

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