#Pixiv #KOF art Roundup

As we get ever closer to the FGCMAG Vol 2, we hope you’ll enjoy these artworks! ¬† The Kula14 is especially impressive, while the Iori is included because it’s so different to the usual art, you’ll know when you see it! 05/01/2016 by Ktovhinao on pixiv That was supposed to be whip. Can’t remember her […]
#CantonCup and #KOFGCC Youtube Replays

Canton Cup 2016 Here are the Grand Finals with Xiaohai (Player 1) – him getting there was to be expected, but the ending was certainly not what you expect!!! Player 2’s name is Terry, using the gamertag King of Rarka…. x https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0kwtn31dLE&feature=youtu.be Why was there a big pause during the final match? DUN DUN DUN […]
Famitsu Interview with SNKP Chief of Gaming Division

Famitsu.com’s posted their interview with SNKP Executive and Chief of Gaming division Yutaka Noguchi, which in turn was summary translated by Professor of MMCAFE. Here are some highlights! – New Pachislot regulations are one of the main reasons why SNKP decided to switch back to gaming. New releases of Pachislot machines were going to need […]

x https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIHtbxaLUEI This video goes over what DHALSIM can do in the 01.05 BETA of SFV. It goes over Basic Combos, V-Trigger Combos, V-Skill Combos, Counter Combos, as well as Critical Art Combos. Bare in mind that this footage is from the BETA and these combos may or may not work in the final version. […]

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