So I heard you like Mai Check out Mario Sena’s Art Page here! SB2 The last one was fun enough, don’t miss the next KOF tournament with Start Up Box, 31st May 2015. Tournament Registration = Stream will be by KickPunchBlock right here! Watch live video from KPBLive on   MURDERFACE VS MISTERIO VS THE VULTURE  STUNFEST […]
Ougi’s Round Robin

The Highlands etc etc stereotypes, who cares, let’s get down and play some more KOF! Tournament Information: Entry will be £3. Sign up will start around 12 and casuals will be available. Event starts at 1pm, everybody will play everybody. If you have to leave early let me know so I can sort out and […]
Metal Slug Update! Riberts attack!

New Update! Riberts will blow away everything in sight! – New Battle Areas, Login Bonus Items, exclusive assignments to the KOF characters engaged in the battle, and nostalgic & fan favorite boss characters from the “METAL SLUG” Universe such as the Prototype Heavy Bomber “HAIRBUSTER RIBERTS” for deeper war strategies and even more exciting […]
Casablanca Cup Replays #KOF #USF

The Casablanca Cup happened this past weekend, check out some of the replays below to see the level and progression in Morocco. KOF Brackets Grand Finals   SF4 Brackets Grand Finals There were problems with the stream so there is quite a bit of skipping, I’m afraid.  But at least you get to […]