DLC: East vs West – VOTE AGAIN

As reported previously, the survey revealed that the DLC that English speaking fans wanted most was Story Mode, a better Training mode and Frame Data!

Many outspoken fans were quick to dismiss this opinion: “Listen to the fans who actually play the game”.

However, since the people who filled in the survey actually wanted frame data as well, it’s hard to say they aren’t “players”.

When asked if they filled out the survey, some responded with “not yet”.  And thus, the sound of a facepalm echoed through the halls.  Are these fans too busy playing to take a minute to tell the company what they actually want? Sheeesh.  But nooooo, it’s fine, they’ll just whine about it on the Internet later.  “They just won’t listen!” Yeah, that makes sense.  Those who did fill in the survey, including those who wanted a PC release, are a clear minority…

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Which fans should SNK listen to?

The commenters on the last post were quite clear about what they wanted, even as they clashed, and yet it did echo previous sentiment: some said that nothing was needed, others wanted VANESSA, while others just wanted the magic of more people playing the game.  The term “DLC” seemed to pop up very often, and yet, looking deeper into the survey results, this isn’t what the majority of fans actually want!?!?


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