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The ET Interview #EVO2017 #KOFXIV #ET

ET, with the awesome help of Charles Lui, has given us this chance for an interview, which will one day be added to a special collection for the public to see, but more on that later ^^  In this interview, ET talks about his recent win at EVO2017, what happened…

A New Era in KOF & patch 1.11

   FGC News,kof ,,   January 23, 2017  1 Comment

There are those online players who win a few matches can let it go to their head and think they are champion of the world. Ask them to go to a tournament and they’ll come up with an excuse, or turn up and get crushed as they find their online…

Patch 1.11 & SNK WCS updates

Update: another invitee has been announced! KBR Patch news plus an update on the World Championships and  new invitees! Patch for the patch Yasuyuki Oda announced this morning that the patch to fix the lobby bug and probably to fix those tiny nerfs is finally on its way. [Regarding KOF…

SNK Qualifying Weekend: Korea China Taiwan Peru!

Updated with nice clear time zone helpers. Qualifiers It’s just insane: FOUR qualifiers all landing on the same weekend Saturday: KOREA With GCC Finalist Lacid, EVO Champ Madkof and a bracket of 64 slots, anything can happen! Will be streamed on facebook LIVE!  Check on KOF PARTY and KOF Festival.  Brackets…

Patch 1.10 Notes #PS4PRO

   FGC News,kof ,,,   January 11, 2017  4 Comments

The patch is out NOW for all territories, there was only one day delay for the others, while the U.S. and EU (not UK) got it first. Some important notes: 2 new colors per character It’s not just lighting, detail and other things have been altered!!! Ramon’s LP infinite will…

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