KOF AllStar Card level guide – power up max out

Part of the KOF ALLSTAR Guide   Types Skills Strategy Limit Best Cards Types Your character can increase their strength through their levels but you can also increase their stats using cards. The best and rarest cards are 5 star. They will give you the most CP to boost your…

EU Events: Samurai Sunday Shodown PS4 XBOX

In Europe? Ronin Rumble too far away to join in? Ok!  ELF has set up a PS4 tournament series for you, every Sunday for a limited time!  There are also tournaments by Lemmy on XBOX! PS4 It all started when Geoff asked us where he should send Europeans who were…

new Samsho Basara Twitter Roundup

   FGC News   October 15, 2019  No Comments

Here are the big tweets going around on day 1 with new changes from the patch, skins, and of course Basara tech. 【SAMURAI SHODOWN】Patch ver. 1.30 was released. With it comes along character balance changes and other general improvements to the game. Check here for the details. #SamuraiShodown —…

The Canada Cup Concerns #SNKWCS

A lot of players complained about bad conditions which was due to poor organisation and communication. However these conditions won’t be the same for the next CC.  Will it be enough to bring the players back? That’s another question.  What really concerns playes is that this year, Canada Cup has…

SNK Fan Survey Results

   FGC News   September 21, 2019  No Comments

Winners Video Data Sheets Our winners for game codes are:

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