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The World Drop Event

  the World Drop Event has started, and it’s the reason players who wanted to log out for two weeks have rushed straight back in.  Read the info below which I’ve added info to, taken from the CM’s post here but check out some tips we’ve collected, including Farming Spots….

VOTE – KOF ALLSTAR Best Gold Character Tierlist

There’s been a lot of discussion over the Japanese wiki tier list, so I thought it would be nice for you to give your own opinions. Who are the strongest characters in The King of Fighters AllSTAR? I’ve opened up a poll for Best “Gold” character in KOF Allstar, including…

EXP Farming: Epic Quest vs Lunatic Dungeon

A friend said that the Epic Quest was a better source of EXP capsules than the EXP dungeon, so I thought to take a look and compare results. Challenge EXP Rush Lunatic Level Upon completion we get: 6x Elite Capsules, 12,000 EXP each = 72,000 Experience Just to be sure,…

Gold Silver and Bronze characters in [ KOF ALL STAR ]

Briefly, Bronze characters have a low CP (combat point) value. You need CP to fight the harder quests and compete in versus mode. The Gold Characters are the best. Here’s the video then even more information below. The stars represent how high you can level them. 3 star characters will…

Sentai Rangers quest [ KOF ALL STAR ]

the flashing red or blue screen will signify who you will face first. Purple element has the leverage. With a little luck, a maxed out Kyo96 can do this all by himself Lower Difficulty If you have a purple element such as level 90 Kyo96 with max cores, that will…

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