The Press are Jumping on Marvel

2018 – The year that the Rolling Stone was posting that DBFZ was elbowing Marvel out of eSports.  The Rolling Stone. What the rolling fuck. Wasn’t that a music mag? I tried to remember when video games were still a niche. CVG, Edge, EGM, in the hobby magazines section. They and their horribly illustrated covers … Continue reading “The Press are Jumping on Marvel”

KOF Players Poll Feb-Mar 2018

KOFXIV Players Feb-Mar 2018 I am excited for KOFXIV 3.0 I am moderately excited for 3.0 I am not excited for 3.0 I want more DLC for XIV after April I would prefer KOFXV after April I am interested in SNKHeroines I am not interested in SNKHeroines KOFXIV - I prefer more simple fighting systems … Continue reading "KOF Players Poll Feb-Mar 2018"