Stream will be live @ Saturday, February 25, 2012 @ 12:30PM (USA) & we’ll maintain this schedule weekly for the time being.

Hello, it’s me Laban again (KOF Wiki writer and Tutorial Video maker.) My friend, Walkman, will be hosting weekly locals over here in the 209 area/Central Valley.

It’s going to start off very small, so right now we plan to do a stream as a kind of interactive classroom.

I plan to run over a few system basics and try to take on questions and requests from the live chat and do live instruction and tutorials on certain characters and concepts.
If someone wants me to do a run down a character such as Hwa Jai, I’ll give an overall primer in the style of Dune’s KOF Crazy Encyclopedia (going over all Normal, Specials, Supers, Gameplan, Set-ups, Nuances.)
If someone wants me to teach a specific match up or how to fight against a certain character, I’ll give some general character break downs and give strategies to fight against particular characters (such as fighting against Benimaru as he has great normals and spacial control that people don’t know what to do. Due to his higher hop arc though, actions such as reaction DPs actually work fine against this character among other tactics that a player wouldn’t normally be comfortable with against different characters.)
Since I can play all the characters in the game on a fundamental level, I can take stream requests and play certain characters in casuals to demonstrate what certain characters are supposed to accomplish and give an idea of how certain characters could be played.

So this stream will hopefully evolve into something more as more people join the weeklies, but for now our focus is on educating and informing players on how to play KOF in a structured manner, somewhat similar to what I have been doing with my KOF tutorial Videos in a live fashion. It was Walkman’s idea to start doing weeklies and the stream and it’s him that found our venue, founded the stream/youtube channel/SRK Thread, and organizing the event.

So while I’ll have a very active role on the stream, I feel my buddy Walkman deserves more credit than me and he should get his name out on this one. He’s also an up and coming KOF player that still needs a lot of work, but has come a long way and really wants to help out the community.

I really, really want this stream to get out there so we can help broaden and educate the KOF community.  Thank you for joining us at the event or on the stream!

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