KOFXIV Fan Project

I received this email:

“My name is Ionutz and I am a KOF FANatic since Fatal Fury, if we consider it as the first KOF ever. The reason why I am writing this email is related with The King of Fighters XIII.. It has unique animations, incredible movements, breathtacking special moves and  a well balanced game system. In other words it is close to perfection. Now just a few more steps forward must be made to achieve an ideal game, the KOF  that we dreamed of. Since it seems that in the process  of creating the last episode the staff took into consideration the  critics and fans observations, me and a friend established a set of rules which we believe to be essential for the game play  and certain moves that need to be  added from past episodes. In order to make our ideas reach the KOF public we recently created a blog where fans can make suggestions and exchange opinions about how the KOF XIV should be.

    We would be grateful if you were kind enough as to visit it and tell us what you think about our project. If you like it please let us know and if possible, help us in our effort. I shall look forward for your answer!”
What do you think?  They want your feedback!

4 thoughts on “KOFXIV Fan Project”

  1. Generally a nice idea. But it is better to make a big thread on orochinagi that is synced with dreamcancel, shoryuken and atlus forums and to translate into Japanese. General ideas would be customizable 1 vs 1 online matches (time, number of rounds, handicap), shorter replay saving time, new characters/old favourites (of course) and slightly modified input (less specifity, more sensitivity). This blogspot link will be forgotten very soon.

  2. Knorkx I understand you. Of course we put same effort in this and we made it with great passion so we hope to succeed in our attempt before it reaches other levels, thing that we obviously don’t mind. Our final goal is the assimilation of the project by the KOF media, process that will transform it. In the end the important thing is seeing our ideas and future fans ideas in the next KOF game!

    Finches we will play KOF XIII at least until KOF XIV will be launched, you can be sure of it! However no harm is done if in the same time we talk about how KOF XIV should be.

    TripleMMM the answer is yes, if we take into consideration the Japanese release date on the Arcades, 07/14/2010.

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