KoF XIII Climax – Official Arcade Update

It’s official, the arcade version of KoF XIII will get an update to the console port, making it KoF XIII Climax.

Expect all the updates the console currently has to date, including the newest DLC’s EX kyo and EX Takuma. No new info whether there will be any further updates.

Location test are scheduled for Feb 11th and 12th at varies spots in Japan. ( Source – Famitsu )

Edit: added location spots thanks to the Professor:

Tokyo: Club Sega Akihabara Shinkan (#6 on map) http://tempo.sega.jp/am/akiba-new/

Osaka: Sega Nanba Avion http://tempo.sega.jp/am/avion/

Would be a great time to congratulate everyone who has supported the console version of the game, making this arcade port a reality.

Updates as it happens…


16 thoughts on “KoF XIII Climax – Official Arcade Update”

  1. Tried it today a couple of times

    I don’t believe anything is new, seems just like the console version.

    No new placeholders for characters or anything.

    Level was too high for me to compete, and i’m out of practice 🙁

  2. cannot wait for more news on this!!!!!!

    i hope for at least 1 new team(agent team; Vanessa, Ramon, Blue Mary.)

    they are already in story mode so it would make sense to have them there 😛

  3. Well there it is, the tweaks I was expecting, and I will expect even more, come closer to its release.

    I agree that Adelheid should have been in 13 in the first place, was a bit dumb for the saga he started in and not to finish in, plus he would have made for a more interesting last boss rather than dark ash, who is just well a lazy silhouette effort and probably the worst boss design in KOF history.

    The worst thing about Adelheid is that he was always a single entry, so they didnt even have to make a team, just one guy, I think if they want the arcade to be successful then they will have to give players a reason to go back to arcades, so I expect more tweaks and maybe indeed even Adelheid which makes it the climax to KOF13.

    I wonder how console players will feel about this? do they care? I guess its not nice knowing youre playing an obsolete version of a game, while those crazy Japanese and rest of Asia get their hands on new tech and with it new skills always one step ahead of everyone else, and will it mean they stop playing the home version?

    While alitte bit worrying its also interesting.

  4. ps. Prof posted up some changelogs from SNKP

    – Shen will no longer receive a counter hit penalty when he’s hit during his Far C
    – Shen will gain some power meter when he bounces off anything stronger than an EX projectile with his Danken(Projectile parry)

    – Fixed issue where Ralf and Raiden’s positions will change and his command has be input in reverse when doing Bareback Vulcan (DM) > MAX Cancel >NEOMAX

    – Fixed Normal throw so that it no longer raises the opponent’s meters.

    – Fixed issue where doing cl.D>HD bypass will make the characters switch position when the opponent is facing backwards

    – Took out invincibility on HD bypass

    – Changed damage on short hop & hyper hop C from 72 to 70

    Flame Iori
    – Fixed issue where MAX canceling too late from normal Maiden Masher wouldn’t target lock the NEOMAX.
    – Changed input frames for canceling from Maiden Masher.
    – Fixed issue where repeatedly blocking low would display his standing block for a split moment.

    – Changed cr.B so that it can be HD bypassed.

  5. Oly, Heart of Gaming is open all week with KOF XIII, dude, every weekend they have ranbats.
    Prof also pointed out something – if this isn’t released on NesicaLive, it’s going to be another big expense for arcade owners and note that most Japanese arcades no longer have kof xiii.
    This is all quite annoying because I’ll be in Japan in April and no doubt the game will be released just after I leave. RRRRRRRRR
    +1 Adelheid will either be in this upgrade or KOFXIV for sure, unless that win screen portrait sketch was just for fun. It rarely is…

  6. Gunsmith, prolonging their death? That doesn’t sound quite right, that’s like saying it’s making their death last longer! I may be wrong though, just thought it sounded funny.

    Climax is indeed something I didn’t expect, it’s cool, though it probably won’t effect the poor old UK in any way. I’ve gradually been playing the game less and less over the past 3 weeks, I get bored playing it on my own, and I don’t get enough face to face play time. If I had an arcade to go to, I’d be in heaven. But then again, it’s not like anyone else would come to play it, when they got it at home for free.

    I reckon it’s unlikely that Climax will be any different from the console version, like new characters. Even if there was, it would be just an ALT version of one that’s already there, then they’d be DLC on console. But I think even that’s unlikely.

  7. If anything at all gets added, I hope its Adelheid and he gets an eventual DLC release on the consoles.

  8. Gunsmith raises some good points, however, I feel it was unrealistic and even more stupid if SNK made a new game this year, namely KOF14, theirs no need for it right now, with the resources they put into the KOF 13 home port, their was no real way they could have been working on anything else.

    However they obviously need a arcade title for this year, so bringing the home port to arcade makes sense, the worry is this actually has a new sub title (climax), which surely to me indicates their will be more added, whether thats new characters or not will remain to be seen, but surely some tweaks will be in it, I guess it might be like various different versions of 2k2um and 98um/fe, we will have to wait and see.

    Never even thought about a rom hack till Gunny mentioned it, youre right, that will happen for sure, does that mean SNK have no intention of releasing a home port of climax? seems we have more questions than answers.

    I didn’t realize Japan arcades were in such bad shape, I will have to find out more about that, shame if its true.

    TBH as mentioned its something Capcom do all the time, and Arcs with Blazblue I dont even know what version that game is on anymore lol.

  9. Question is: Is this any indication for a sufficient success of KOF, so that we can look forward to KOF XIV in the future ?

  10. I also cringe at the idea of the rom being cracked :/
    I have to say I don’t think this is financially a good idea for SNKP – while I love arcades, and would be over the moon to see KOFXIIIAE in the arcades, the console cafe scene needs to take off in Japan and this is only stopping it!

  11. The geek in Kuso has re-emerged like a horny butterfly lol kof-uk in Japan! Don’t bother bringing your camera, you’ll get booted out.
    The one thing that slightly worries me is that SNKP look like they are going to follow the Capcom route. While I will be happy for them as they produce XIIIAE and then release it on console, my pocket is rather strained at the moment… I’m not sure AE is a good idea because of the netcode backlash…

    PS. Make sure you read the above properly – that’s a hypothetical situation – SNKP has confirmed nothing yet.

    One thing is for sure – the arcades in Japan will get a much needed shot in the arm, prolonging their death just a little bit longer. Southtown Arcades and Arcade Street/Vs Dojo will also be pleased – although if this is a new machine kit rather than an upgrade, I’d be … not so happy.
    Speculations for new characters may begin now, again.

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