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My PS3 developed a power fault and died and a few months later my Xbox RROD’d.  Is this because I don’t have enough padding in the suitcase and that crappy lead free solder just cracks off?  At any rate, I need that equipment to run streams and tournaments, so I bought replacements and repairs.  As you know, I’m donating two huge sticks from Hori and Qanba, which I could have simply sold on ebay.  I bought figurines for prizes directly from Japan.  I have hosted countless foreign visitors at no charge and fed them (and even forced some of them into the shower for their own good).  As you know I run tournaments and will often spend more time on the mic or behind the desk rather than playing.

I have never been forced to do what I do for the scene, I do it because I love KOF, I like watching people play it and I want to see that grow.  Running out of money is ultimately my own fault.  But that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t get any help when I need it!

If this site, and what I do for the scene, has been of any help to you whatsoever, please donate, because I am brass and in my overdraft, and those bank charges (and not having electricity) are not cool.

Donate now before another one of our helpful tutorials catches your eye.

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Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! :)


2 thoughts on “Support KOF”

  1. Hey Gunsmith, I will recommend you to buy a new PS3 and then do the cheap reflow for it, so it can run the “TRANSFER UTILITY” which will transfer all your data to the new PS3.

    I had my fix with Reballing, which basically puts Lead Soldering on my console, but even that couldn’t save it. My PS3 died a bit ago from Video/Audio Graphic card burning problem, so I’m still trying to get one myself. I can’t guarantee that I can help you immediately with it, but if you do get a new PS3 Slim, do as I say. Save your Old PS3 temporarily, run the Transfer Utility to transfer your data to the slim PS3 and then sell your old PS3 or keep it if you want.

    Best of luck!

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