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3 ON 3 – 11th March 2012

TRAVEL ALERT!!!  <<<< Please read!!! Central Lines closures!!!

Welcome to the 3ON3

This is the last tournament Orochinagi will stage before Gunsmith moves to France.  It’s 3 on 3 (one character each) but with a promotional twist.  Any known player of an advanced level will not be allowed to enter unless they bring 2 beginners to make up their team.

Understand it well, this is a promotional push for KOF.  Orochinagi is putting in the last of their resources to get more players into the community.  If people are tired of not having people to play with, it’s time to make an effort, and make things change.

No whining tolerated, players will have to think of something to lure in more players, and there is a huge mass of beginners out there wanting to play, with no mentor willing to help them.

There is also a UMVC3 side tournament, and I know for sure there are lots of players there that also have been trying KOF.

It is completely free to enter, no entry fee, no tournament fee.  Teams of beginners are completely welcome.

SIGN UP HERE – Captains that are looking for teams should say so.  Beginners, first come first served!  You should also state which character you are using.

There will be a stream. More details soon.

Update: 4th place captain gets a Neo geo pocket, courtesy of TKO Supa!

Update: A small Hori stick has been donated by EXDP Medion!

Update: Team lists

More runner up prizes coming!

Venue Directions: Get to West Ruislip on the Central line, turn right out the station and walk for 5 minutes.  That’s all!

Full directions to the pub and more details about it can be found at

32 thoughts on “3 ON 3 – 11th March 2012”

  1. From ruislip tube station
    turn left out of the station walk up the stairs (don’t go to the bus stop). Cross the road, go downstairs, go through waitrose car park, turn left at the end to hit the main road and turn right to walk up the hill. You’ll hit White bear in 2 mins.

  2. Wow that’s some longness going on in these comments lol. Well as long as people aren’t afraid to learn through licks it’s all good as Giga said people avoid fighting each other, but if you don’t fight how you gonna get better? MichelS tried avoiding every tournament in casuals so I couldn’t learn against his Chin but I caught him at UC12 and then played him in the semi-finals. I never understood this running away/avoiding fights or hoping someone else knocks out a certain player so you don’t fight them. Medion, Dobiq, Giga, Cristina and Gunny I’ll fight you and anyone else anytime 🙂

  3. Yeah that was due to that converter needing a wired 360 pad to function with my ps2 stick. The more recent converters don’t need a pad so are cheaper and more convenient to use.

    Sorry to miss your last event here (if I really don’t make it), good luck with the move though.

  4. Sorry Shoju, my memory is battered. I just remember you having grief with convertors. Sorry to miss you too!

  5. I’m most probably not gonna make it so need to be removed from the list for now. Also I don’t use a pad so I dunno why I’m listed in team “bloody pad users.”

  6. Just to remind everyone, this is a “musical chairs” 3v3. Not a separate 3-on-3 in the traditional sense. So it’s like, “I can’t use that stick”, “I want to use my octagonal Gate”, swap sticks. . . and die next round, swap sticks again. etc. I need my Octagonal gate man. ^_^

  7. Medion, join Super Miner Battle Farm (fighting game community for SW/Wales). If you come to Bristol once a month and beat me then I will certainly be gunning for you, wherever in the country you are next. Bristol is pretty damn easy to get to from Reading as well.

    I kinda hope that you choose to give your stick to ‘best new player’ or ‘1st place team’s mvp’ or something. That’d be cool. Probably won’t be me but my entire motivation to come to this is to play better players, more than likely lose to them but in doing so judge how I need to improve and as you do aim to beat them. Come on, add yourself to my hit list.

    My team are all beginners in this (played about 8 weeks each), and we are all coming to do the same thing and to make ourselves known in the scene, eager to learn and get to beating others and making the OG players start worrying. For this opportunity, regardless of the prizes I’m extremely grateful to Gunsmith for having it so that we even have a chance of coming out with something.

  8. Fair enough! I won’t say any more and I along with Supa will try to help the community as much as we can.

    I have something I can add to the prize pot. I have a small ps3 hori stick which is frankly collecting dust as my PS3 is so old and brass it resets itself whenever a game disc is inserted. DLC games are fine though. So I figure I’m throwing things out so I might as well give away this stick.

    So add a small hori PS3 stick as a prize and i’ll be there using the dlc characters.

  9. You made perfectly good points there. Now as you can see, I’ve only got three sticks to give away. I could have done 1 stick each for the winning team, but I thought then there’s no incentive for anyone else to win, they can’t even get anything for 2nd or 3rd place. Remember it’s a free tournament, so I have no money coming in to make prizes.

    So I figured…. spread it out. I find a lot of people stay away from tournaments just because they think the top players will always take the prize. Here, they have a bit more chance and hopefully a good Captain to train them.

    Not everyone has the same mentality, and frankly I wish they had goals like you do, but that’s just the way it is. If we can’t keep new people coming in then we’ll end up just like VF.

    I’m just giving it a shot. And that’s the last of my ammo.

  10. I am all for the community to grow as I went to Dragon’s den last Sunday and no one else aside from Tenrai and afew other new people turned up. I travel all the way from Reading for this. I would attend every event if it was in my free weekend(I work weekends usually) to help the kof community.

    As I stated before there is no incentive for beginners aside from learning the game. If this was my tournament I would have at least put those 3 expensive sticks as 1st prize. This way the captains have more of a reason(effort to train) to make sure the beginners learn well from the captains and the beginners to learn from the captains(effort to learn). Also you don’t know what most of these people are like who’s to know that one of these captains could be bastards in real life and not split the stick?

    I am no stranger to holding beginner/experienced team XvX player tournaments as I was part of the now partially dead UK VF community. In the VF4 days we had a similiar team tournament with big prizes on the line and everyone on that day knew they had a chance to win something the incentive was there. The beginners on that day leveled up tremendously and the captains were forever giving advice to their team members so there team could win. My team lost to the best UK Pai player’s team Geewai Geeho but all of us learnt alot.

    I believe this is the best way to hold a team tournament and for KoF players new and old to TRULY grow. The old experienced players are stuck at a level and can’t grow because there isn’t the competition from the new generation. The new generation are being enticed enough to learn and grow. Facing the Answer made me realize this. The one true time beginners have a chance to truly level up and that effort is wasted. As I said the experienced players will win out in the end leaving the beginners behind.

    At the moment everyone is taking this tournament at face value and are probably attending because it is simply a kof event but they won’t approach it with the need to grow just play in their casual like manner.

    When I lost to Menaikage, Shin Dragon and Robocop 2 at a Wednesday brawl I trained very hard to overcome them. Next up on my list is you Gunny as you knocked me to 2nd in our group at OML. I’m sure Robo wants to have a crack at me again for knocking him out twice at UC12. My Incentive to get better is not prizes but to overcome players who have beaten me in past tournaments. I have Gunsmith, Giga and Supa on my hitlist, everyone else whats your incentive?

    Knowing TKO SUPA he’ll most likely drag me to this event as this event falls on my free weekend so you can put me down as a captain, depending on who which characters get picked by my team members I’ll be using the dlc characters. If I get 2nd or 3rd place i’m giving the stick to someone in 1st place as I believe they deserve the stick more than my team.

    TKO SUPA and myself will be glad to help anyone who wants to learn and I myself can help you if you use Kyo, Ex Kyo, Mr Karate, Ex Iori, Elizabeth, Sie Kensou, Saiki, Mai, Goro and Kula.

    I may be seen as an enemy after today but thats fine by me I at least believe and voice what I feel is right for the community rather than keep quiet about it.

    Please understand I want the community to grow I didn’t come here to whine about this tournament.


  11. Hey Medion, I understand where you’re coming from, but until I can pull big prizes out of my ass for everyone, this is the best thing I could think of with what I have left, and if you look at it another way, it forces team captains to find new players – and team Captains must play last in order.

    We could have had a noob only tournament but nobody learns anything from that. The point here is that Captain has to TEACH and guide their team, they get the bigger prize for their efforts. Nobody said the Captain couldn’t sell the stick and split it with his team mates!

    And in the end, the real winner is the KOF community – by GROWING. I’m sorry you didn’t see it that way, but we’ve got plenty of entrants at the moment, so don’t worry about wasting your time.

    The rest of you go see the latest listings for 3vs3 – Dobiq and Wolf, you’ll see some new team mates!

  12. I am still looking for new players as I dont qualify as beginner I have to be captain.
    I should be attending sodium shodown for whom want to meet southside.

  13. After hearing about the 3on3, i’d thought i’d get some tourney details so I can enter. Only to find disappointment.

    Gunsmith you say this is to help beginner’s get into the game? I don’t think so this tournament benefits the more experienced players. My reasoning the prizes. For top 3 places ONLY THE TEAM CAPTAIN’s GETS A STICK! and team mates get a figurine…

    The prizes don’t offer an incentive to win as a team also the prizes are unfair to the whole team. I can guarantee most team setups would be the 2 beginners 1st with the experienced captain last.

    Say if team member 1 OCV’s everyone and wins the tournament without team member 2 or the captain coming in who wins the most expensive prizes? The captains of 1st, 2nd and 3rd and all team member 1 gets is a figurine. If that happened to me I would not be impressed, yes your doing this tournament for free and its appreciated but I think you need to revise your prizes a bit and make it worthwhile for the beginners and the whole team.

    I’ve bought arcade sticks so I know that those sticks aren’t cheap.

    Under these odd rule conditions and since I travel from very far I don’t think I’d want to waste my time with this tournament as I’d feel sorry for the winning teams team members who aren’t captains.

    Until there is a revision to the prizes where all team members get there fair share I won’t be participating in this tournament. As I see it as a farce of a tournament.

    When you do get it right I’ll be using either EX Kyo, EX Iori or Mr Karate.

    I expected a better tournament out of you Gunsmith and you dissappoint.


  14. I’d love to join this. I’ve played every KOF from ’97 to XI except for the MI’s but haven’t had much hands on time with XIII, so I guess i’m a beginner.

    I would prefer to play Clark.

  15. Actually I just spoke to CM and he’s decided that he really wants to pick up Raiden himself. So it looks like he’ll be using Raiden and I’ll have Joe.

  16. I can use joe or raiden. CM is a 3s player who has barely touched the game and doesn’t know the characters yet so he’s sticking to shoto archetypes.

    Team name suggestion: ON Crumb Lickers

  17. Double teaming the Gunsmith eh? First come first served, so yeah ok! Let me know your characters please…

  18. Sounds good Gunsmith but I’ve got another beginner teaming with me now, circlemasher. You’d have to take the pair of us.

  19. OOooooohhh yeeeeeaaahhh

    A tournament that welcomes beginners = 🙂

    Gunsmith moving to France = T_T

    Sign me up, O Captain My Captain, whoever you may be! I’ll be bringing a beginner-sized bag of Chin with me…

  20. Sign me up, Tofa – beginner. Gonna be teaming up with raisedbyfinches ^^^^ and Omar. All beginner team

  21. Beginner looking for young, hot captain.

    On a serious note
    beginner, raisedbyfinches
    possible partner but he will register later and say so

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