Little did you know, the European KOF websites (SignedByR, MaxMode, KOFProject and Orochinagi) were about to send a rather … let’s say, tactical, letter to SNKP.

With the message below having just been dropped in my letterbox, the swords have been sheathed.  Now get back to practice!



Demo features six playable characters, two stages, and supports online play!

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA — DECEMBER 8, 2011 — ATLUS and SNK PLAYMORE today announced the availability of a demo for THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII, the latest entry in the legendary fighting franchise, for PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system (PS3™) and Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.


The demo, which is now available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace (initially only for Gold members) and will release for PlayStation Network on 12/13, offers fans two teams–Team K’ (K’, Kula, Maxima) and Team Fatal Fury (Terry, Andy, Joe)–and two stages (London, Airship), showing off the game’s breathtaking artwork and providing ample proof that KOF XIII is the best playing game in the 15-plus year history of the series.  In addition to its generous roster, the demo also offers online play, giving fans an opportunity to try the demo with friends around the country.


Also today, ATLUS and developer SNK PLAYMORE confirmed that work is already underway on a patch that will further improve the game’s online functionality.  Details regarding the update’s content and release timing are not yet available, but additional information will be released as soon as possible.


THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII is out now in North America for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 systems. For more info, visit



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  • ParrotMan01December 8, 2011 at 11:31 pm

    What’s a damn shame is that people are already shelving this game over this issue. You should take a look at the atlus forums, things couldn’t be any worse over there. :(

  • MaxwellDecember 9, 2011 at 12:25 am

    Yeah. They are unhappy on the Atlus forums. I haven’t played online very much

  • AkumetsuLordDecember 9, 2011 at 1:10 am

    Seriously people need to bitching about the Online play, its not even that bad, hell i only had a few matches that were laggy, Every other battle, its was smooth. All SNK have to do is fix it up and its perfect, But yeah people like to complain for anything dumb (Atlus Forums…who cares about those tards). Whatever, Offline or Online, this game is great

  • ZeroSoulreaverDecember 9, 2011 at 1:43 am

    Wow, this makes me so happy! I am proud to be sticking with KOF no matter what. It’s sad some people let netcode go to their heads and they dismiss a great title over it. Oh well, more for us real fans who stick it out.

  • VermineDecember 9, 2011 at 3:09 am

    People want a good netcode and is not “bitching” to complain. After all the communication about this gamemode from Atlus or RSG.this is the only thing they must do for filled this promess. But honestly i remember the patch for 02UM or XII and im still septic.
    ps:sorry for my poor english.

  • Redblaze27December 9, 2011 at 5:10 am

    “Details regarding the update’s content” makes it sound like they have more in mind than just simply enhancing the netcode.

  • Mystery GDecember 9, 2011 at 1:21 pm

    Are people really that dumb out there? Is it still 1998? You know ive been lurking around on various forums, reading a lot of comments because I was always on the fence with 13’s netcode, ive been playing KOF since 96, so I think I would consider myself a “real fan” yet I dont have 13, why? because the game is useless to me without anyone to play, the game itself is great, no doubt about it, problem is this is 2011 soon to be 2012, ive seen people leave post like “bun online” I prefer my bun with cheese thank you very much :D jokes aside what Im saying is not everyone has the luxury of having a hub of friends locally they can play with offline, whats going to happen when you get a good job offer and have to move? or more of your hub friends move away, yeah then you will soon see how important online is.

    Im not 19 anymore, Im a grown 30 plus year old man, this is worrying roughly the age of most KOF players, my friends who used to play KOF most of which I dont even see anymore, never mind if they still play, Im not saying online should ever replace offline hell no, it never will, but make it on level with other products in the same time frame.

    Those tards on Atlus forums are new fans, hopefully much younger, yet you want to diss them, whats more retarded complaining about bad netcode? Or fans buying 4 copies of the game just because you want to support SNK? If you want to do that you might as well just send SNK your wage at the end of the month, I guarantee they will like that much more than you buying even one copy of the game.

    KOF needs some new fans, not just the hardcore, its been this way for years, KOF wil never get a bigger scene like 98/2k2 in there prime days, if new fans keep binning the games after less than a month of playing.

    Wouldn’t you like it if you could just log onto KOF anytime of the day and find a shit load of players to play, rather than sitting there twiddling your thumbs, waiting for ages and then that one person comes along has two bars lol?

    SNK for me are always atleast 3-4 years behind on tech, you see it everytime they release a game, if this game cameout instead of 12 at that same time, they woud be no problem, not just the game being far better, but I think the netcode\online lobbies etc would have been much more acceptable, than it is now. I don’t hold much hope for the patch as they rarely fix most fighting games that big of difference for people to stop moaning.

    The fact I would have to buy a PS3 just to play 13 also didnt help, but I did just that for 12, but we know how that went, to piss me off further my PS3 died too, sour taste dont even come close :D

    Well next year I will get a PS3 I think since they are becoming cheap, even as a fan Im not in a rush to get this game, because for me it will probably end up collecting dust like all my KOF games on the PS2 XI,98UM,2K2UM and yeah I know they never had online, but its still the same if nobody is online to play or the netcode is not good enough.

    Anyway the clock is ticking for 13, I know that SF4 2012 update comes out very soon, cant see the 13patch hitting before it, but they better not be far behind
    (KOF 12’s patch took forever) its release, otherwise many people will sadly drop this game.

    Ha that turned into a giant rant, sorry, guess what ive been reading for 3 weeks on forums got to me and had to get it off my chest, thanks to Gunsmith, DC and anybody else for the KOF news and info, remember KOF needs to grow its fan base not stay how it is.

    It will be a crime if this game goes under the sun, but we have seen that with other fighters.

  • ZeroSoulreaverDecember 10, 2011 at 1:24 pm

    When I say “real fans” I’m talking about real fighting game fans, people who are willing to give the game a try and not dismiss it less than a month of release. I don’t see anyone here saying the community doesn’t need new fans, but it doesn’t need people who just sit and complain or it may get a bad rep like the MK community.

    Everyone needs to realize that this patch is good news instead of just complaining. I never said online was ok yes it is bad at the moment, but Atlus/SNKP heard our complaints and responded to it. Leave it at that because why complain about something that isn’t here yet? Just be patient and wait to see what happens.

    Stop already assuming the game will fail, it is doing very well and it’s still so early. Pro players have been picking up the game and playing it consistently. Many are bored of SF, and 2012 isn’t going to change that much since it’s the game they are sick of and not the patch alone. Guys like Team Spooky reps, South Town Arcade reps, JuiceBox, Tokido have been playing the game often. Dream Cancel and ON get a load of respect. If you want the game to survive you wouldn’t give up on it so early before even trying it out.

    AE 2012 isn’t even a problem, people are bored of playing the same game. If anything, will play AE 2012 and KOF too. Their is no real problem between the 2 communities like MK and SF that one won’t play the other. The clock isn’t ticking for KOF13 because it has been getting a growing amount of support, so much so that it had a showing at NEC. I believe KOF will make it to EVO 2012 and so do many others.

  • CannonSpikeDecember 10, 2011 at 7:03 pm

    I’ve noticed that people tend to get over dramatic on forums and start berating games and denouncing whole franchises because of issues like laggy online play or slow matchmaking.

    True, as commented above, if your friends move away due to work commitments, or if there is just no local scene at all (as in my case), then the state of the online play becomes very important. I’ve had problems with the KoF XIII matchaking myself, I tried custom searching for games in my area and the game consistently comes up with nothing. Really? No one in the UK/EU has a room open? Doubtful.

    That said, most of the matches have been smooth enough, even the two-bar connections for me have been playable. People just over react. Yes it’s not perfect and could do with some improvements, but no it’s not awful or game breaking, just avoid the one-bar onnections.

    Just my opinions as someone who relies on online play in order to play against others.

  • ParrotMan01December 10, 2011 at 8:44 pm

    I didn’t get the game myself yet, not because of the complaints from forums of course.

    It’s because I literally have NO ONE out here to play it with. I’m a guy that could give less of a crap about online play, I’m much more of an arcade person. Though having someone to play KOF with is very important to me. I still plan on getting the game, but I need to know if anyone in my area has even a inkling of interest.

    What does this new comment have to do with the upcoming netcode patch? Well, if I absolutely CANNOT find anyone in my area….well you get the picture.

  • Mystery GDecember 11, 2011 at 2:31 am

    SF4 is still the most popular fighting game out there, hardcore players have hated it since it came out, but still play it because its the game to play if you want fame and money, if anything gets more entries at EVO 2012 than SFAE2012 I will be shocked, I don’t actually like the game and haven’t bought any version, but the people who are getting bored of it, still support it.

    KOF 12 had loads of people streaming it, it made no difference in the end, because the netcode was weak, if not people would have gladly carried on playing for far longer than they did, even for a bare bones game like that.

    I havent given up on 13, hell SNK pretty much raped my wallet for free last time with 12, Sony too, if you can paypal me 300quid so I can go buy a PS3,KOF13 and a cheap stick I’d gladly play it, since obviously its no big deal.

    I don’t know especially at xmas who would throw down money like that, knowing full well the game, a fighting vs game of all things, they will be playing by themselves before they get bored of fighting the CPU and put the game in the shelf and forget about it.

    Having online is a good convenience, the more players log on and see less and less people, the less they bother to play the game, and trade it in.

    Not everyone is going to pay money to travel miles, just so they can enjoy the game how its supposed to be intended, its a knock on effect and they just lose interest.

    I’m obviously not the only one who feels this way, sure I want KOF to fail so I have nobody to play..oh wait.

    KOF at EVO? As a side thing, sure its been there before, as a main? I don’t know, that will depend on the American KOF community.

    The way I see EVO is for sure games;

    SF4AE2012, Marvel, SFxTekken, Soul Cali

    The maybe games;

    KOF 13, MK9, Skullgirls, Blazblue, with news of TTT2 not out till the end of 2012 I cant see any Tekken game being at EVO next year, Tekken 6 was quite dull, that game is done, Soul Cali will be Namco’s spot filler next year.

    To me KOF13 main threat is Blazblue, they have a solid community and have been a proven hit and success at EVO before, its a tough challenge and of course it depends how many games EVO have, but for time reasons they cant have too many.

    That Persona fighting game might throw a loop hole into shit if it comes out on console next year, but I figure mostly blazeblue players would be playing it anyway.

    I would say this is KOF’s best chance at getting in EVO, as said it will depend on the community, tbh I’d rather have someone else to play!

  • GunsmithDecember 11, 2011 at 5:23 am

    1. I’m glad there was a whole load of complaints. If we sat here saying “well it’s ok we’ll deal with it etc” nothing would happen, guaranteed.
    2. The streaming of KOF XIII is hugely responsible for a lot of people buying the game. What other marketing was there?
    3. If your ps3 died, you can get a refurbished one from Sony for £110, just tell them. I also know a place in Stratford that sells refurbished slim ps3s for £150 quid with 3 months warranty. Or you could buy a brand new slim one from Sainsbury’s for £167 if the offer is still there.
    4. The netcode isn’t actually that important, MVC3 has crappy netcode and has a solid community that plays it regardless. If people like the game, the game will succeed.

  • Mystery GDecember 11, 2011 at 11:57 am

    1. I agree.

    2. I would think Atlus/RSG going to countless gaming conventions/shows and getting the game on mainstream gaming sites would also count, unless you disagree?

    3. buying a refurbished PS3 was probably my mistake in the first place, timed nicely to die passed its warranty, I would only buy a brand new one now, you guys make it sound like Im spending 20p or something, if 167 pounds is so little then send that money my way :P

    4. I’m not understanding how people keep saying netcode is not important, I think some of you have been playing people locally offline for years and are completely oblivious to the opposite of not having nobody to play for years, or like me try and get your friends into the games, but they think its shit.

    It reminds me of a friend of mine who teaches and he moved away to the middle east I forget which country now, this is awhile ago, but anyhow he was teaching some rich kids and when he told them that he had to catch a bus when living in the UK, the rich kids reaction was how on earth could you catch a bus and sit next to strangers, the idea of catching a bus was completely lost on them, since they get driven to school in massive cars.

    That is the impression I’m getting from the netcode doesn’t matter lot, I guess like the rich kids theirs no point trying to explain it, because they would never understand, since they never experienced what its like.

    I don’t think you can even begin to compare Marvel to KOF, one is Capcoms biggest franchise beind SF and features Marvel characters to boot, and has been massive for years as a franchise in America, the other…KOF is something that some ignorant people view as freshers game or something only Mexicans play and tbh has never been a massive success in America at any point.

    Dare I say Marvel could probably not even have netcode at all, and americans would still buy that game in massive numbers and see it at tournies.

    If youre going to compare KOF to anything it would be the GuiltyGear/Blazblue scene, they dont exactly have SF4/Marvel level of interest or numbers, but they have done very well over the years, much better than KOF, of course Blazblue has good netcode and im sure that has helped them , even if it was a little it was something.

    People already like KOF13, that is not the problem, the main reasons Im seeing people give up on the game is one they find it too hard, probably being playing SF4 for too long, or because the netcode aint good enough, they log on see nobody to play, so either go into practice mode or go play something else, slowly chipping away at their interest in the game.

    Anyway time will be the judge of KOF13, we shall see come next EVO where the game and the community is at, hopefully you are right.

  • GunsmithDecember 11, 2011 at 3:18 pm

    Good point about mvc3 actually. Let’s hope the netcode is fixed.

  • shinefistDecember 12, 2011 at 2:10 pm

    Hey gunnny,after we played that silly 1 bar match, after that i’ve been noticing lots of players playing in general, i must of had 10 or more good connections and the problem was 9 of them where not too competitive.

    Why we had a 1 bar was amazing as we only live 150 mile away lol

    I think the netcode is quite good, its just snk has made a fault somewhere down the line. Its like the connection between us is acting like we live about 3000 miles away. Hopefully they can patch that problem. Thats the only thing i can think of as it makes no sense having good random connections But then with local connections being terrible most of the time.

  • BrothersBogardDecember 13, 2011 at 8:38 pm

    I hope the patch fix the netcode
    we need a good netcode

    espero que o patch corrija o netcode
    nos precisamos de um netcode bom

  • BlackthoughtDecember 15, 2011 at 7:02 am

    I got the game two days ago and i must say the netcode is solid

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