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Merry Christmas from Clark

As I can’t be with the Americans at SCR, I had to keep myself busy somehow.  Dark Chaotix noted that some stuff was missing, and Kane317 reminded me about HD Bypass.  The result can be seen below:

By the end of it, you will no doubt be sick of hearing “Clark (Christmas) Special!” or you might be hearing “Clark SMASH!” depending on the colour…  Also featuring special guest appearances from certain FG characters…

Don’t forget, after SCR, there’s OML tomorrow.  I will be applying these tactics.  HWARRRRRRRR

3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Clark”

  1. Just got back from OML! Ok, so 1. We don’t use a wiki, we prefer to have forum threads with all the best info in the first post. We’re trying to update them all but it’s taking time.
    2. Yes hehe

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