ONother Look at the Online Play Demo

A very good show from Aram, unfortunately his spamming on the buttons doesn’t help us judge the input lag.  Still, going on Gamespot TV to promote the game while playing is not an easy task!  Hats off to Aram and Atlus for getting the spot.  RSG will take care of Gamespot UK at the MCM Expo.  Other matters confirmed:

  •  A lack of spectator mode, which would have been nice, but it must be pointed out that it would quite certainly take up more of your bandwidth.
  • Much improved loading times (5/6 seconds between order select and battle)
  • Aram is a smooth talker, and a crappy player ;)
  • Player 2 blatantly knows how to play KOF and didn’t throw the match to make Aram look good lol
  • Save replay function
  • Online demo was probably from San Francisco to Irvine and gets a ping rating of 4 bars (max)
  • Still time to get that pre-order bonus!

Check it out below:

5 thoughts on “ONother Look at the Online Play Demo”

  1. Kinda disapointed about the whole sepctator mode thing. I hope they atleast show the lifebars of the players while others are waiting, just like how SSF2THDR did it.

  2. The only thing I could see was that 1 of the players was doing recovery rolls consistently which takes fairly accurate timing though they are easier to time in XIII.

  3. why have us wait though while we watch a blank screen? im just assuming of course. how about a practice mode while you wait, or at least a command list of all characters?

  4. There is already a practice mode for when you are in the waiting line.

    I wonder how many people can rooms allow into, I figure that there is a reason of why they aren’t called lobbies instead.

  5. maybe i should get all the information before i write on the internet.. Thanks! thats really good news!

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