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TAC 2011 KOF XIII Results and Videos Part 1

What a weekend!  For a first time it was pretty well organised apart from the interruption of SFIV taking over the stream for a while.  That won’t happen again 😀  Big thanks to General Skirmish for directly capturing so many matches in HD.  I’ve noticed that there is a big difference in quality on youtube, it may be HD, but it isn’t 60 frames a second.  Just wait till you get this game at home…  The difference is beyond words.  Onto the results!

Note: not every match was recorded.

Group Stages

Four groups.  Tournament utilised the round robin system, where everone has to play each other.  The two players with most wins go through to a 8 man single elimination bracket.

A) ATB_555 (2), Shin Dragon (2), Zero Niiro (0), Miles Star (2), Giga D[ON] (4)

Atb_555 vs ZeroNiiro

Atb_555 vs Miles Star

Atb_555 vs Shin Dragon

Shin Dragon vs Miles Star

Giga D cruised through, while there was a three way tie for 2nd place!

3 Way Tie

B) MichelS (ON) (3), Switch Playa (0), TKO Supa (TKO) (2), Mienaikage (1)

C) Kusogaki (3), Ryo Yamazaki (1), Lord Spectre X (0), Cristina (3), Firei (2)
(Some matches can be found on the stream in part 2)

D) Robocop Two (4), Oly (2), Gunsmith (3), Sho Dragon (0), Tenrai Messatsu (1)
(Some matches can be found on the stream in part 2)
Oly vs Tenrai Messatsu

Pretty much the upset of the night was newcomer Tenrai scoring a win over veteran Sho Dragon. Why he stuck with Kensou even though he was playing badly with him, I shall never ask. While showing Tenrai some Kim combos, it also dawned on me that I should damn well use him. And I did…

See the next post for other matches

4 thoughts on “TAC 2011 KOF XIII Results and Videos Part 1”

  1. Atb_555 vs Miles Star
    Yuri screaming chesto?! Now she’s really trying to get her fathers aproval!
    Using fwd/dwn punch as an anti-air is not uncommon, but I’ve never seen yuri using that move like that!
    Nice way to end the match, Vice’s full screen Neo Max out of no-where FTW! That would’ve caught me off-guard myself!

    b_555 vs Shin Dragon
    Seeing that Joe Vs. Andy match in a back alley setting kinda reminds me the story of how these two met for the first time and seeing Andy win that match makes it even more nostalgic, ’cause that’s how it ended! 😀

    Seeing an awesome Terry player is always the best in my book!
    That was not a cross-up for Andy, Joe got hit before his sweep was finished, so he was way open!
    That slow down really helped Kim at the end…

    Shin Dragon vs Miles Star
    Bloody hell these guys are so good that they read each other, love Andy’s combos into his Cho rempa dan. Their last match was the best, especially having Robert vs. Yuri and in all places the Kyokugen Dojo!!!

    Seeing an awesome Terry player is always off the bloody hook in my book!

  2. The load times were due to the machine not the game. I have confirmed this on another machine. I’ll put up a video soon.

  3. The matches are great, but I am a little disappointed by the load times. I am sort of used to the loading on the SNES version of Street Fighter Alpha 2 and PS1 fighters, but it seems weird to see on a PS3/XBox 360 game. Did the KOF representatives at TAC say anything about addressing it?

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